Beijing mother-in-law loves this foreign son-in-law

Beijing mother-in-law loves this foreign son-in-law

Xiaolinzi is young, beautiful and motivated, and is a flower of the recognized company.

During the Spring Festival holiday, this flower was moved into the wedding room to become someone else’s bride.

What surprised everyone around was: The newlywed husband of Beijing local girl Xiaolinzi turned out to be a white-collar worker from Hubei!

  This is indeed a bit of a challenge for the Beijing-style thinking of “Beijing women should marry Beijing men”!

  But Xiaolinzi had her thoughts: “I’m the only daughter. My father and mother take me as a treasure in my heart. I don’t need to say that, and psychologically, they also have a chance for me. Now they all retire and stay at home., I can’t help but feel uncomfortable if I don’t see one day!

They had a wish: I hope I can continue to live with them when I am married!

Before that, I also made a few boyfriends, all locals in Beijing, but when I heard that I was a ‘home son-in-law’, I did n’t do anything!

所以,我心一横,干脆找一个外地的,这么一来,他就是不想‘上门’也得‘上门’了,毕竟,外地男人在北京城里少不了生活难事,住在岳母家,也算彼此There is a care!

This is not the best of both worlds!

“Xiao Linzi is not an alternative case. Such a marriage model is not” fresh “in today’s society!

When more and more Beijing women around them introduced their husbands, they would say, “My husband?

Visiting son-in-law!

“A look of righteousness!

  In the past few years, it was nothing new for foreign women to marry Beijing men, and even such a saying was spread: foreign women in Beijing can marry themselves for a house!

  Huangcheng Gener has a lot of money, a woman with no bare hands and no background wants to take root outside the Imperial City Wall, and always needs a little sacrifice in exchange for life and stability!

Of course, a woman’s dedication to the right of residence is called optimizing capital. If a man joins the “Beijing family” for the right of residence, Zhunbao is scolded for “eat soft rice”!

  Everyone is thinking this way: men should start a family and endure the incense and continue their ancestors. If they don’t “marry” their daughter-in-law and are “married” by their daughter-in-law, then the eight generations of their ancestors must follow the shame!

  Nowadays, this set of eight-strand theory is basically useless.

Modern people pursue affordableism, convenience and practicality is the last word of life!

The more the era develops, the more popular the son-in-law is: more and more single children, and more and more daughters are treasures in the hands of parents, growing up to twenty, never thinking about how she would live her own life!

As a result, many metropolitan parents would rather ask the “god” to greet a “home son-in-law” in the field, so that after the daughter gets married, she can stay at home and continue to be a close-knit jacket for her parents.

  Of course, you don’t think that all men are qualified as “home son-in-law”. In the city, those white-collar men in the city who have outstanding education and stable income and are of the highest quality are the most sought after by “local parents”!

  Parents have such a consensus: Most young men who can stand in Beijing have a solid heart, and their education and character are outstanding!

It ‘s not a grievance to have a grudge like this when you come to this aunt!

  Flying to this city, the man has always been a lone bird, and his home is thousands of miles away, and every day, every night, there are only thoughts that are far away from each other.

The local daughter-in-law gave the foreigner a warm home. The foreigner gave the local daughter-in-law a promise of love, love and joy.

Speaking of which, the local wife-in-law is a good marriage model!