“can。”Pu Shiming readily agreed。

Pu Shiming is still riding the sacred lion and purple dragon,Can pace volley。
I wish Minglang I don’t have any dragon beasts to ride.,I can borrow Pu Shiming’s mount。
Walk towards the vast deciduous forest to the west,The tree trunks stick straight into the sky,There are not many leaves on the branches,Looks a bit depressed。
“I was hiding in this forest。”I wish Minglang secretly。
then,Zhu Minglang tracked down to a small village outside the forest,But then there is no clue,Can only arrange some dust traps that can be attached to the monsters,Waiting for the appearance of the fairy。
“Zhu Xuehen just said something to you,I see her feeling heavy,Could it be something difficult to deal with??”Pu Shiming doesn’t seem to think about the fairy,Instead, I asked about this。
“It’s nothing,Care about my recent situation,Let me wear more clothes,Eat less meat,Eat more vegetables,Every sister is like this……Oh,Although she is my aunt in seniority,But it seems to me more often like a strict sister with cold outside and hot inside。”Zhu Minglang said lightly。
“Cold outside and hot inside??”Pu Shiming felt that this description was extremely inappropriate for Zhu Xuehen.。
She is an inaccessible cold radiating from skin to bone and blood,And the inherent arrogance,As if no one in this world can see her。
Does it depend on people??
Zhu Xuehen is only like that to Zhu Minglang,To other people……
Sure enough,There really is a problem between them,There is nothing wrong with my instincts。
“Are you related by blood?”Pu Shiming asked。
Zhu Minglang squinted at this Pu Shiming。
Pu Shiming realized that he was asking this question too much,Awkward smile,Explain:“Work together after all,I heard some rumors,Said that Zhu Xuehen is the emperor’s private daughter,Foster at your Zhumen……”
This rumor,Zhu Minglang also heard。