“Hey,Easy though,But the salary is a bit low”The other is complaining about the low salary。

“Come on,Although each of us has3000More,But victory is easy,Wang Meng inside is envious of both of us,Hahaha”
“This is also,Hahaha”Just when the two are laughing,A black shadow suddenly appeared in front of the two,A pair of scarlet eyes became the last sight the two saw。
“Ah ah ah!!!!”After a wailing,Two people died unexpectedly。
The black shadow got up and licked his bloody hand“Hehehe,The taste of blood is the most delicious!Hahahahahaha”The wanton laugh adds a bit of blood to this scene。
Chapter Thirty Seven:Black Belly Dragon Abyss,Long Yu Yahuang
The energy around Fuming turns into a brilliant light surrounding him,Breathe in,Energy fluctuates。“boom”Slowly open your eyes,The energy turns into a powerful light wave and spreads around,The impact on the surrounding walls made a dull noise。
Get up,Wrap energy in one’s own arm,Legs,On the Broken Halberd,Energy is very stable,Without the slightest tremor“It seems,Still somewhat effective!”Fuming and looking at the energy in the body,A smile on his face。
“呲。。。呲”Slow motion of electric light,Running around Fuming’s body“Combat skills-Flash thunder!”Fuming’s figure turned into an electric light,Wandering around in the ashram,Constantly attack the tester from all angles。
“broken!”Fuming rushed towards the tester,A flash of lightning flashed by,Stand still,The tester burst out a strong thunder light from inside,Shattered from the inside!
Fuming looking at the testers scattered on the ground,Although a little tired,But can have this result,Is to be happy!
“Well,Pretty good”Longyuan’s voice sounded,The tone is full of ridicule。
Chuckle“Can hear you praise,I’m quite honored”
“what do you mean,Say I’m mean in a disguised form!”Long Yuan grinned and said。