“US?Task?”Han Jiang blinked,Isn’t it the most important thing to go to Haiyuan City??

In the illusion,Because Fu Hua’s peerless hit by the second law, Han Jiang inspired,Let him be too embarrassing,It’s already available now.sLevel strength,Qi Yana is now not to say。
Just give two combos,What is this going to do??
Can http://www.ljrfkz.cn not refute Hanjiang,De Lisa small hands,I decided this action plan.。
De Lisa,Ji,Budding,Bronia,Trust Whemburian with two-thirds of the female Wushen,Go to Retroptrochemical Headquarters。
the other side,Han Rong took Qi Yana and was pulled by Hanjiang.,Place the place where they have returned again,Siberia。
The intention of Fuhua is left here.,Either stay in San Feria School,Can not stop the soft mince of Hanjiang。
After the three teams start,Han Jiang knows in Qiana’s mouth,Why do you have to go to Siberia?。
This is a transaction,A transaction from Xilin。
She no longer interferes with Qi Yana,Even the ability to assist Qi Yana completely control the patient’s ability。
It is said that it is a transaction.,It is better to say,Is the request of Xilin。
Let Xilin put down the final line,Is it still in feather?,Finally, her conversation with Cesecia,There are also these years to come to Qiaa to get healthy and healthy.,And how happy。
Xilin is clear,Although she said she is her mouth,Qi Yaina is Qi Yana,But chasing roots,She and Qiana are just a person.。
Qi Gay can treat himself as a biological daughter,De Lisa and Ji is willing to learn from San Feria School.,This is proven。
This world does not refer to only those wearing white coats.,Dismissal innocent girl,And let the experimenter for those innocent teenagers thanks,There is also someone who loves these loves in Cesecia.。
Bud jacket is a living example,She is the third law,Are you still taking care of by De Lisa??
Narockey, who is reversed to catch the buds,San Fufilea is also fighting hard to protect。
This is the warmth of Xilin wants to see.,Not in the will of God,Kill all human hell。
Through a dialogue, let Xilin let go of hatred. It is impossible.,But http://www.coilnail.cn also made her make a lot of legs。
If everyone has kindness,That’s good to say,But if she sees that the human body experiment like she is destiny,Then don’t blame her.。
This time you go to Siberia,Also for her accompanying collapse,Bella,Nalus。
After being taken away by Hanjiang and Fuhua near the lavivar near Baikal,The people who are still in Siberia stationed are not at a minority。
Often a remaining thing except for the most core,There are still many data to be studied.。
It is now a new enemy now.,World snake。
These materials are also very important to the world snake。
Hanjiang three people taking advantage of night,Snoving into the Siberian Plain,Founded by the frozen trial-level collapse,Bella。
After seeing Bebelong again,Qi Yana left tears,Step by step。
Qi Yana’s blue pupil is occupied by orange,Body to dissemise,霎 time,The clothes http://www.centuryjt.cn on the body becomes a large skirt with orange white。
Han Jiang and Fuhua have already,Instant to take out the weapon。
Qi Yana glanced at two people,Scornful:“Humanity,You leave first.,I will give the body to this little girl later.。”
Qi Yana,Do not,Xilin,Big step to Beibe Long。
Han Jiang and Fuhua are looking at the eye,This level of empty law,Two people still can uniform,Will not let her escape,Even if the trial level giant dragon,Benalle is breaking。
Xilin uses a hand on the big ice cube,The heart flushed:“Bella,I am coming。”