Beijing Stock Exchange is unveiled and opened the city’s ceremony held Caiqi Yihui to unveil the game and knock the market. Chen Jining attended.

The Beijing Stock Exchange was unveiled and the opening ceremony held Cai Qiyihui.

Cai Qi, secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, and Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission failed to unveil the Beijing Stock Exchange, and the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and the mayor Chen Jining. Easy will be full, and the Beijing stock exchange is set up. It is the Party Central Committee and the State Council based on the construction of new development patterns, promoting high quality decision-making deployment. Innovation drive development and economic transformation and upgrading are very important. Beijing Stock Exchange is unveiled, and it is another important landmark incident of my country’s capital market reform. The Securities Regulatory Commission will continue to deepen the new three board reforms, and strive to work hard to build a new SME from the Beijing Stock Exchange. I hope that the Beijing Stock Exchange will keep in mind the initial mission, insist on the development of misplaced, highlight the characteristics, and solidly promote the system innovation of the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the quality of listed companies, maintain the market three municipal order and smooth operation, and effectively protect investment Legal rights; strengthen the organic linkage of the new three-board innovation, the basics, and deepen the development of the Shanghai-Shenzhen Exchange, the regional equity market, and jointly create a good ecology for the development of multi-level capital market.

Chen Jining said, said that the Beijing Stock Exchange will open the market, which is an important milestone in my country’s capital market reform and development and financial market system. Supporting new three-board reform and the construction of the Beijiao, which is a major task for the National Financial Management Center for Beijing, promoting high quality development.

In Beijing, the importance of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 2021 International Service Trade Trade Club’s Global Service Trade Trade Summit, fully supports the cooperation of the Securities Regulatory Commission to do a good job, promote the expansion of the Beijiao, robust, and build services. Innovative SME main position.

Establish and improve the policy support system, which is constantly transporting the North Exchange and the high-quality enterprises such as the specialty of scientific and technological innovation, high-precision industry characteristics. Strong agency investor power, support funds, insurance, wealth management, etc. Investors invested in the Beijiao Institute, providing patience capital for innovative SMEs, long-term capital.

Improve enterprise listed service ecotropic circles, encourage sponsoring institutions, intermediary institutions, etc. to actively participate, promote the effective connection between the Beijiao Institution and the regional equity market, private equity share transfer platform, etc., to stimulate the capital market vitality.

The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Stock Exchange and the listed company, the sponsors, and the investor representatives also spoke in the ceremony. It is reported that the Beijiao office will better meet the needs of innovative SMEs in the basic function of the fundraising, M & A restructuring and transaction valuation, and will help SMEs achieve better and faster development.

Most of the first batch of listed companies belong to the industry segmentation field, covering 25 national economics.

Central Committee and Beijing Leading Wang Rui, Li Meng, Xu Xiaolan, Yu Weiuping, Liu Guiping, Liu Guixiang, Xiao Yuan Enterprise, Li Chao, Fang Xinghai, Fan Dazhi, Wang Jianjun, Cui Yan, Yin Yong, Zhang Jiaming, Secretary General of the Municipal Government Dai Binbin attended.