Although it is blind, still sunlight! Henan Yucheng Blind Teacher "Borrowing Eating" 27 years

"Xia Qi Shang Tang Zhou Wu", Qin Wang, Zheng Han, Liu Bang, Eastern Han Liu Xiu Wei Shuqing, Cao Yu, Liu Bei, Denchu, … "Standing on the Podium, use" Alti "to sing the text to the student, it is recently online hot discussion Henan Yucheng "Blind Teacher" Lu Wen Jian. The news of "Blind Teaching 27 Years Breeding Textbook" is moving thousands of netizens. From blindness to "light" together with the students, what happened halfway? "You are my eyes, take me to read the vast book of book; because you are my eyes, let me see that this world is in front of my eyes …" In many people, this is just a popular song, but in Lu Wenjian In the eyes, there is a more deep life mean.

Countless times, he wants to move the tears, but still endure, and finalize the narrative, "is the trust of students to me, love my love, let me live in every life, I will always have a life. Confidence and strength. "Double eyes lost young teachers’ career faced end November 16th, Into the three middle schools in Shangqiu County Station, Henan Shangqiu County, Lu Wen Jianzheng passionately gave everyone a class, a paragraph of" Allegro Teaching ", order The human emotion is driven in an instant.

It is difficult to believe that such a lively Lu Wen Jian, 27 years ago, the right eye is lost due to retinal shedding, and the left eye vision is only. With the standard of clinical medicine, the vision can be called blind, "the" blind man "teaching quality can be followed? The answer is unexpected.

Although it is full of darkness in front of you, Lu Wen Jian and other teachers work is not different. The burden has been very good – countless students from his professor, constantly discover the new world gate, step by step "Bright".

Lu Wencheng was born in Liu Tao Village, Yuncheng County Station.

After graduating from college, he gave up the opportunity to enter the city, and he decided to teach a rural middle school that urgently needed teachers.

In late 1994, because a high fever and excessive eyes were excessive, Lu Wen Jian’s retina was taken off.

"After the disease, do you try to treat?" Reporter asked.

"It has been treated many times, there is no effect.

Slowly, I am desperate with my family! "Lu Wen Jian recalls that we have done retinal surgery under the accompanying family. After the operation is successful, he feels that the vision has resumed, and continues to pay for the students.

But didn’t, the retina is again detached.

According to the doctor, Lu Wencian can no longer engage in teaching work. Later, Lu Wen Jian did a surgery, but the effect was still not good, he and his family gradually lost confidence, "I heard that I can’t get completely, I gave up the treatment.

After all, our family has been responsible … "" At that time, the school leader said to give me another job. I am very difficult to accept, college graduates will only be two years, suddenly can’t teach, this is more uncomfortable than my life … Later, it is a passionate student, giving me a confidence that I re-embraced.

Lu Wen Jian said.

Borrowing a student "Tianzhen" suggests that when he regained a new job in Lu Wenjian’s most painful, a student gave him the story of Paul Kodin and Zhang Haidi. These stories were originally Lu Wen Jian to say to the students. "Destiny made me a joke, the role changed!" The student’s tender move, but touched Lu Wen Jian. "There is a classmate to tell me, Teacher Lu, we still want you to teach, you have the brain and both ears, I read you, then give us a speech, do you have a good suggestion, a sudden suggestion, let Lu Wen Jian Get "rebirth"! "I thought it was, yeah, although I thought it blindly, I can’t blindly, my heart is not blind!" Let’s do it! " After that, there are students to fight for Lu Wencian every day. Students read, he remembered. After the student read, he was "prepared" in his mind. After the winter vacation in 1995, Lu Wen Jian once again went to the platform. At the moment of the lecture, the whole classroom was silent. Lu Wencian said with a trembling voice: "The classmates are good, we will start to class …" instantly, the thunderous applause broke out under the stage.

"I will be able to do it, I must go to this class, I can’t let the students disappoint.

"Desperately, I want to cry, Lu Wen Jian said in his heart," must not let students disappoint.

Regardless of how the fate is torture, I have to be their best teacher! "Yes, Lu Wen Jian did not let the students disappointed. He became the" best teacher "in the eyes of the students! The clever innovative blind teacher creating the most popular classroom as a historical teacher, how can I strengthen students’ knowledge memory? Life is not convenient Lu Wen Jianhua spent all efforts in a drilling business, constantly innovating in the form of teaching. "I am more than other teachers, but in terms of lectures, I can’t lose to others.

"After deep thinking, Lu Wencian puts the various knowledge points, strings into smooth and allegro words, and says that the boring text is vivid, gradually forming a distinctive" Luke Teaching Method ". Innovative lecture is successful .

The students have said that this lecture method is too exciting, "putting a boring historical class, making a wonderful allegro book, saying that there is a meat, let us not know the history lesson." As long as there is time, Lu Wen Jian Crazy practice board book. "Write on the blackboard, draw on the floor, the book is on a layer of writing, others can’t see it, but I know what I wrote." Slowly, he practiced that he practiced in the game. Clear and beautiful. Lu Wen Jian’s insistence, gradually touched his wife who opposed him.

After crying countless times, she went silently to dry her tears and took all housework.

When students are inconvenient, she took the initiative to help, and helped her husband struggled to remember the point and summarize the summary lesson. This is added, more than 20 years have passed … With students and wife turned to help, Lu Wen Jian, overcomes the suffering of suffering. "Others prepare less less, I need more than 10 hours, in addition to rest, my mind is thinking about how to class, how to prepare less.

"Worried about occupying students’ learning time, he and his wife are only in the class, early reading and weekend to let students help. The cold is in the summer, and the mountains will fall.

Unfinished, the story of "borrowing" lectured, has been interpreted for 27 years.

During this time, more than 4,000 students in the school have successively read the textbooks, newspapers and magazines, and act as his eyes. In order to thank students, Lu Wenjian took some wages every year, funded poor students, and there were more than 20 students from students.

"When I am difficult, the students don’t pay back the reward, and they have difficulties I have to help.

"Lu Wen Jian has always preserved the letter written to him, add up to have a hundred.

These letters or short, but there is a sentence at the end: "Thank you.

"For the future, Lu Wen Jian thinks very simple:" It is always standing in the podium until you don’t move. Although my eyes are black, but far, there is always a brilliant shining.

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