3 villages in Fuqiao District, the national village specialty industry

  Recently, the Ministry of Agricultural Rural Area issued the list of billion villages of billion villages in 2021, and Xilou Village, Xilou District, Shiqiao District, Suzhou City, Xilu Township, Xilou Township, Xilu Township, Xiuxi Township, Xidu Township. Suspeter fertilizer Wo, Tugui Village, West Second, Fuqiao District, sufficient groundwater source, excellent water quality. In recent years, Gouxi Village has been developing the "one village" as the main attack of farmers, and putting watermelon as a breakthrough in developing efficient agriculture, vigorously developing watermelon, eggplant, bean corners, and promotes the steady of villagers. improve. At present, there is more than 3,000 acres of pollution-free vegetable greenhouses in Gouxi Village.

  Shenjiacun, Xiyi Township, is located at 3 kilometers from the western suburbs of Suchuo, and the transportation is convenient. As the key village of modern agriculture in the West Second, in recent years, Shenjia Village has fully utilized its own advantages, vigorously adjusting the industrial structure, and actively promotes land circulation, surrounding "Ecological livable village beauty, Xingye to make rich life, civilized and harmonious "Target, focus on developing casual sightseeing agriculture, driving villagers to increasingly get rich." Dawu Township Xingfu Village has a few decades of vegetable history, most of the villagers are engaged in vegetable production and operation, and the vegetable area of ??large shed has reached more than 1700 mu.

In recent years, the village has built a mulberry seedlings, and vigorously develops in a variety of breeding and melon production. The quality melon and seedlings produced by the village, strive to green, safe, strictly control the use of fertilizer pesticides, not only selling well, but also promotes the income of villagers.