New variables (international viewpoints) of Pakistani peace process (international viewpoint)

  Core reading Jewish settlement issues have always been a major obstacle to Pakistani peace talks. Faced with Israel’s upcoming territorial annexation plan with the support of the United States, Palestine announced the suspension of all agreements with the United States.

The international community also generally criticizes Israel’s plans, arguing that this will make Pakistani and the peace process more difficult, and add more instability to the already fragile regional situation.

    Israeli Prime Minister Neitanahu has recently stated many times that the earliest plans to advance some land on the west bank of the Jordan River on July 1. The United Nations, the European Union, and Arab countries have recently stated their plans to oppose Israel’s annexation of some land on the west bank of the Jordan River, pointing out that this plan violates international law and emphasizes the solution of Pakistani issues through the "two countries". Public opinion believes that, if the plan is implemented, it will seriously damage the interests of Palestine, which means that the Pakistani Peace Plan of the two countries that the international community has been pushing for a long time will be buried and adding variables to the Palestinian peace process. Israel insisted on promoting the territorial annexation plan of Israel to endorse the U.S. government.

At the end of January this year, the U.S. government announced the so -called "New Middle East Peace Plan" and favored Israel on major issues such as Jerusalem’s belonging and the legality of Jewish settlements. The two major political parties in Israel signed a joint government agreement in late April, and agreed to promote the "implementation sovereignty" of the settlement of Jewish settlements on the Jordan Valley and the West Bank of Jordan under the so -called "New Peace Plan in the Middle East" on July 1. 30%of the west bank. On May 13, when the US Secretary of State Pompeo visited Israel, he called for accelerating the "New Middle East Peace Plan".

  This plan was thrown up before the Israeli parliament election in April 2019. Neitanahu claimed before the election that after winning the election, he would expand Israeli territory to some areas on the west bank of the Jordan River. The Middle East media believes that Neitanahu hopes to use this commitment to win the support of right and right -wing forces. On May 17, the new Israeli government was sworn in. On May 25, Neitaniah said that "implementing sovereignty" for some areas on the west bank of the Jordan River is a "primary task" of the new government, and Israel cannot miss "historic opportunities".

  According to the British "Financial Times", under the leading "New Middle East Peace Plan" in the United States, the Occupy Land of Jordan River on the west bank of the Jordan River will be permanently classified as Israel. It is reported that the endorsement of the United States, coupled with the global epidemic, has no time to distinguish many countries, allowing the Israeli government to decide to abandon the "land replacement" policy that has been adhered to for decades. The Israeli government’s plan has been opposed by many people in China. Recently, thousands of Israeli people held protests in Tel Aviv. They held signs such as "an annexation, no to occupy, support peace and democracy", and opposed the government’s annexation of some areas of the west bank of the Jordan River. Many American experts and scholars have also criticized this plan.

"Washington Post" columnist Eshan Taruul believes that the United States is "Oslo Agreement, which is not true" in Palestine’s commitment to the founding of the Palestinian founding of the Palestinian founding, " ", May be separated from Israel’s annexation plan. Egor Coveon, a researcher at the Brucks Society in the United States, believes that Israel is facing tremendous pressure from Europe. The annexation plan has become a high -risk political problem. Israel must weigh the consequences of this adventure plan.

  Palestine expressed strong opposition to the plans of Israel’s analing territory of Palestine, and the people of Palestine have held several demonstration demonstrations in all parts of Palestinian.

Palestinian President Abbas has announced that Pakistan has stopped fulfilling all agreements with the United States and Israel, as well as all obligations based on these agreements, including security obligations. Pakistani peace talks have fallen into stagnation since 2014, and the problem of Jewish settlement is a major obstacle. Regardless of the opposition of Palestine and the international community, Israel continues to build Jewish settlements on the west bank of the Jordan River.

Pakistan insisted that unless the party completely stopped the settlement of the settlement, he refused to recover the peace talks. Palestinian Prime Minister Ashtier recently stated: "The annexation plan is a kind of presence, seriously violated the peace agreement between Bazhi, and caused systemic damage to the Palestinian State." Ashtier said that Pakistan has recently been to The Middle East issue submitted a proposal about the Quartet (the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, and Russia), which expressed his willingness to restart negotiations under the relevant Quartet of the Middle East to get along with Israel.

  The outside world is worried that if the Fangneong plan can be implemented, the land of Palestine will be completely surrounded by Israel in the future, becoming a "islands" that are not connected to the outside world, which will seriously harm Pakistan’s interests.

The Fangyongneun plan may become a fuse of the turbulence of a new round of regional regional. According to Israeli media reports, the Israeli National Defense Force has prepared the worst situation that may occur after the implementation of the implementation.

  At present, Pakistan is still working with the United States to maintain security cooperation, including the cooperation between the Pakistani security forces in the West Bank of the Jordan River controlled by Pakistan to maintain local public security and sharing anti -terrorism information.

Public opinion is generally worried that once Pakistan is forced to stop performing security obligations, security vacuum will occur on the west bank of the Jordan River.

Anti -aggressive forces such as the Islamic Islamic Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the Islamic Battle Organization (Jehad) may come back again, and Pakistani will return to the old road of violence. The international community calls for support for the "two countries" international community generally opposes Israel’s annexation plan.

On June 16, a group of 47 human rights experts issued a statement issued a statement that criticized the annexation plan as "the racial isolation of the 21st century", seriously violated the UN Charter and the Geneva Convention. Decisions are not allowed to obtain territory with force or war.

  The European Union recently said that it will use diplomatic means to "discourage" Israel to implement an annexation plan.

Some EU member states have called for more severe actions, including ways to implement economic sanctions or acknowledge Palestine. British Prime Minister Johnson said on June 16 that in order to violate international law, Britain strongly opposed and will continue to support the "two countries."

German Foreign Minister Mas said on June 10 that Germany supported the "two countries’ solutions" to solve the problem of Palestine. Overnight, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Egypt and other organizations and Arab countries have recently criticized Israel’s practice.

The UAE Ambassador to the United States, U.S. Outaba, recently published an article on the Israeli media that the Israeli expansion territorial plan will deteriorate its relationship with the Arab country. Cause violence and stimulate extremists. " King Abdullav II of Jordan warned that if Israel continued to get in the expansion of territorial issues, Jordan may abolish some peace treaties with Israel. Zhang Jun, a permanent representative of the United Nations, said that China has expressed serious concern about the plans of some Palestinian’s occupied territory, and firmly supports the justice of the Palestinian people.

The "two -country plan" is the only way to solve the Palestinian issue.

  The "Arab News" website pointed out that the international community should take effective action to prevent the Israeli annexation plan and provide guarantee for the fair and peaceful solution of Pakistana. The "two countries" are still the best options. The Middle East political issue commentator Sisus Franzmann believes that the government’s attempt to merge land will reverse the policy of Israel for decades and may destroy the relationship between Israel and Europe and the Middle East. Israel’s "New News report" said that the plan to annex in part of the West Bank of Jordan is a "dangerous gambling".

  (Our newspaper Washington, Cairo, June 18th).