Key production lines do not snap semiconductor industry is busy in spring

Key production lines do not “snap” semiconductor industry is busy in spring

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  Changxin Technology currently has a return rate of more than 60%; TCL Technology has a return rate of 75%; Jingfang Technology’s production capacity has basically returned to the level before the Spring Festival . Shanghai Securities Journal reporters have been interviewed and learned that the semiconductor industry is currently in a good state of return to work and the overall return rate exceeds60%; due to the normal operation of the production line during the Spring Festival, the cumulative production capacity of serial wafer manufacturing plants in the first quarter is expected to exceed the same period last year.

  These production lines are not “snoring” during the Spring Festival. “Our production lines have not stopped, so far everything is normal.

Yangtze River Storage introduced in an interview with Shanghai Securities News.

Relevant personnel of Jingfang Technology told reporters that the company’s production capacity has basically recovered to the level before the Spring Festival.

  According to industry practice, under normal circumstances, the production line of integrated circuit wafer manufacturing plants and packaging plants is 365 days, 24 hours of operation, and the Spring Festival is not closed.

The reporter from Shanghai Securities News learned that in addition to the above companies, SMIC, Huahong Semiconductor and other wafer manufacturing plants, Changdian Technology, Tongfu Microelectronics, Huatian Technology and other packaging factories have not stopped during the Spring Festival.

  Changjiang Storage told reporters that in order to ensure the continuity of production, the company is actively integrating 杭州桑拿洗浴会所 raw material supply and logistics.

  ”Yangtze River Storage vacated the dormitories of remote office employees and provided them to the on-site engineers and supplier personnel (live).

“In order to ensure the health and safety of employees, in addition to encouraging remote work and delaying the return of foreign employees, Yangtze River Storage also directly allowed employees to live in the factory.

  As the plant is located in Wuhan, Yangtze River Storage has attracted much attention from investors.

According to the company, as of now, none of the company’s employees stationed in the factory area has been infected.

  In addition to the integrated circuit, the resumption of the panel factory is also very good.

TCL Technology told reporters that due to the particularity of the production process in the display panel 北京夜网 industry, the production line continued to operate uninterruptedly.

  The overall resumption rate is over 60%. “Changxin Technology resumed work on the 10th, and the current rate of resumption is over 60%.

On the 13th, Changxin Technology’s secretary Chen Weida told reporters that according to his understanding, the resumption rate of companies in the supply chain also exceeded 50%.

  Yes, Fang Jing (Jin Qilin analyst), the chief analyst of Cinda Securities Electronics, said in an interview with Shanghai Securities News that the resumption rate of manufacturers in most central cities is 50% to 80%.

  ”We have submitted an application for resumption of work and expect to start work next week.

“An employee of an electronics company in Huizhou said in an interview with Shanghai Securities News that he believes Shenzhen will resume work on a large scale next week.

  According to a budget statistics obtained by the reporter, most of the listed electronics companies have resumed work on February 10, whether in the field of consumer electronics, or in the field of panels and integrated circuits.

  Xingsen Technology in Jiangsu is also actively returning to work.

Employees of the company told reporters, “We have established an epidemic prevention leading group, with the party branch secretary serving as the team leader and fully deploying and preparing to resume work.

“” We previously asked employees to move their computers home, and found that work progress was faster than before.

“The founder of an artificial intelligence chip design company told reporters that in addition to testing and other tasks that must be completed on-site, many tasks in IC design can be completed using remote office.

  The semiconductor industry has a high degree of prosperity. “Delayed resumption of work almost affects orders for one week. Considering that the first quarter is the off-season of the industry, the overall impact on the above business volume is less than 2%.

Fang Jing took consumer electronics as an example to quantify the impact of delayed resumption of work.

  ”Our overseas market demand has not been affected, and it is expected that the domestic market will usher in compensatory consumer demand in the second and third quarters.

Relevant personnel of Wingtech told reporters that Wingtech’s overseas factories are operating normally; in order to speed up the production of materials needed for the epidemic, domestic factories will resume work on January 30.

  ”Demand has been suppressed, and subsequent releases of 5G new devices through major machine manufacturers will drive consumer retaliatory consumption and the performance of the industry chain will be quickly boosted.

“A semiconductor veteran said that he is still very confident in the industry’s good prospects.

  ”The semiconductor industry continues to be supported by policy funds, coupled with 5G drive, localization and other long-term logic. The growth of the semiconductor industry need not be worried.

Fang Jing told reporters.

  ”Changxin Technology currently has sufficient stocks and full orders.

Chen Weida told reporters.

  TCL Technology also revealed to the reporter that the company expects that the main factories will continue to be fully operational in February.

  SMIC’s latest financial report reveals positive signals for the industry’s boom.

The company disclosed the fourth quarter 2019 financial report on February 13th, and it is expected to grow again in 2020, and the first quarter revenue is expected to be better than expected.

  SMIC disclosed that camera chips and power management chips are still in strong demand. In response to market and customer demand, the company will launch a new round of capital expenditure plans.