“Wang Shaoxiao?where is he?”Lu Menglin heard the name,Can’t help but feel tight。

“He is at the Earth Alliance headquarters,He is now one of the coalition military advisers。”Han Fengdao said quickly。
“Oh!He gave you the pass?This is impossible!”Lu Menglin said confidently。
“It is indeed not given by him。Our female agent stole it from him。”Han Fengdao said。
“Female agent?”Lu Menglin knew what was going on right away。
Wang Shaoxiao, this fat guy is always lustful,It’s normal to be seduced by beautiful agents,He collected his iris and fingerprints,Stole his pass again,It’s really not difficult。
“Where is Wang Shaoxiao??Killed by you?”Lu Menglin asked casually。
“No,of course not。Advisor Wang Shaoxiao has a great effect on the coalition forces,He located the coordinates of the space channel for the coalition forces,We can build a stronghold in a foreign space。”Han Fengdao said quickly。
“he?Locate the spatial coordinates for you?Ok,tell me the story。”Lu Menglin nodded slowly,Asked。
Han Fengdao is controlled by others,Dare not say。
“Yes,The coalition is assisted by consultant Wang Shaoxiao,Open space channel,Into a foreign space。As for how he did it,I am not sure as well。But I have been to a foreign space,My tier 8 strength is obtained there。”Han Fengdao said。
“The Earth Alliance has entered the alien space,What’s the situation now?”Lu Menglin asked。
Han Fengdao heard his interest in this matter,I couldn’t help licking my lips twice,Said:“Mr. Lu,With your strength,If you join the Earth Alliance,Will be sent to a foreign space,over there,The training speed of the warrior is at least ten times faster than that of the earth!”
Lu Menglin knows,He sent someone to send Wang Shaoxiao to the red zone before,Just for him to communicate with the phantom spider guarding the space channel,That fat man’s head is full of dirty thoughts,It should fit the taste of that phantom spider。
But I didn’t expect Wang Shaoxiao and Phantom Spider to communicate so well,Even got the coordinates of the space channel,And also dedicated to the Earth Alliance。
but,This incident was also expected by Lu Menglin,At that time he let Wang Shaoxiao go over,Just keep this mind。
The Earth Allied Forces really opened up the space channel from the Phantom Spider,Sent troops there。
“Mr. Lu!In fact, you have always been closely related to the Dilian,We didn’t know you would come back before,Now you have come back,Why don’t you join me,Enter the alien space from there,You will be much stronger than now。”Han Fengdao still spares no effort to persuade Lu Menglin to join the Earth Alliance,Because only this,He has the chance to survive。