Liao Wenjie shook his head,Near Zhu is red ink,Know the autumn and one leaves and he will get together two days,IQ is a long。

Feet,Liao Wenjie bowed his head to see Fu Qingfeng’s arm changed to the snow white clean,Stop spring surprises,Raise your hand to pick up the mask,A yellow melter,Disinfection with flames to mask。
Fu Qingfeng’s big injury,The body is still weak,Staring at Liao Wenjie’s face,Until this face is again covered by the mask。
No wonder the sister takes the initiative to ask,This face does have a few points.。
“Thank you Cui Daozhang to save,Life-saving……”
“Heartless,I am going to make a horse in the next life.,I am too busy in this life.,No time。”Liao Wenjie interrupted in advance,Blocking Fu Qingfeng’s mouth。
“elder sister!”
Fu Yuechi is going forward,After following a family。Human,They are afrain to disturb saving people,Sitting upset is not afraid,I haven’t seen people now.,Everything is very happy。
Ji people have their own days,This is a good sign。
“I am fine.,do not worry……”
Fu Yuechi,Fu Qingfeng good words and comfort,Seeing Liao Wenjie with the same treatment,Start help the left thousand housekeeping the leg wound,She carefully touched the long sword in my sister.。
Liao Wenjie looks back,Fu Qingfeng immediately smiled,Loosen hand。
Seeing that the left thousand households are injured to restore,Deliberate disgregation on the face,Hidden trend,Fu Qingfeng is anxious。Left thousands of martial arts,I have a few people,How much is it more difficult than cutting melon?,Never want to think,Wake up,Rescue Fu Tianril can only think about it in the dream。
Suddenly,Gaunt,She pushed Fu Yuechi,Before the first two steps in Liao Wenjie,A hand that hugged him is showing spring wares。
Liao Wenjie:“???”
Sister,Do people expensive in myself,You this is two pounds,Don’t try to stage a chest.。
“What is it?,I have swear,Who can save a good?,I am married to the wife……”
“I have a wife.。”
Liao Wenjie shook his head,Guess Fu Qingfeng What does it mean?,I want to save him, he doesn’t stop,No need to borrow his name。
“I will give him a wife.。”
“I have it.,Thousands!”
“Then I will be a cattle!”
Fu Qingfeng bites his teeth,Waiting for Fu Yuechi and other people who stunned:“Cui Daohang helps,Also sees the officers and soldiers,What do you still do?,Go to save people!”
Everyone nodded,Hand holding a knife sword,Fu Yuechi a stomach,It’s obvious that she came first.,Results Sister horizontally,A good husband became a brother-in-law。
“Chaos,Now let go of the knife sword,There is also room for rotation,otherwise……”
“Otherwise,Do you dare to come back??Not dare,Continue to move the skin,louder please,Grandfather!”
There is a good job behind it.,The family is waving to open the officers and men,A group of people in depth,It’s no soldiers who dare to block.。
Only four soldiers who are watching Fu Renge are hard,Seeing Jia Ding,Heave pulls out the waist long knife,Warning is not allowed to go up,Otherwise, let Fu Tian Enescher not protect。
“You dare to touch me a mich,Just put your thousands of people thousands of knives。”