“by,More night shifts are not a good thing,Caused by this guy,I can’t sleep well during the day,The sound of his shouting is always in the ear,Why are you so like the owls in our hometown?”

“Go to hell,Is it okay to accumulate some virtue?If people are not hurt like this,,That’s a battle hero,I heard about his injuries abroad,Catch drug dealers and****of,Bold enough,Bloody!”
A stern roar cut through the sky,Then came a very noisy scream and beating,There are constantly thrilling roars,A louder than a louder。
“It’s noisy again,Hey!”
“Enough to suffer,How come these people next to join in the fun?”Another soldier clasped his rifle tightly,There is always a feeling of palpitations。
Chapter Eighty Four Regret a few years ago
This tumult lasted for more than ten minutes before it gradually calmed down,layer102The nurses in the room are all panting from exhaustion,Feeling weak,You can fall asleep as soon as you lean anywhere。
But the patient who is bound by the restraint is still struggling,Although I don’t scream,But it makes a bang on the bed board,Make people feel irritable。
“Hi,I say Yuan Hua,You have to do something more,We really gave you medicine,I’ll shut you down,Don’t you believe it。”
“Ah,Ha ha。”Yuan Hua in bed ignored the nurse’s warning,He is actually very sane,But I just can’t control the mania,The blood is boiling,He also wants to calm down this terrible symptom,But no matter how hard you try。
This is no longer a problem of resistance,But the shadow that has been lingering in my heart for years is beginning to move,He always feels,The devil hidden deep in the body is about to emerge from the cocoon,Can’t control anymore。
Actually he looks like this,I don’t want to live long ago,Countless times planning to die,But never died,As time goes by, it doesn’t matter whether you live or not。
A chance,Yuan Hua discovered the secret in the body,Whenever emotional、When blood flow accelerates,The boiling blood always brings a very strange hallucination,Initially frightened him,Later, driven by curiosity, I couldn’t stop,I always want to see the jungle I’ve been to and the one that he will never forget‘Predator’。
Just started,‘Predator’The shadow is blurry,It’s a psychological effect、Or the illusion of drug influence,But later this shadow appeared more and more frequently,Also getting clearer,Always wake him up in nightmares。
The scene in the dream began to become more and more real,As if being there,Humid and sultry environment,There are various crises hidden in the dark,Rancid smell everywhere,Very weird,Yuan Hua was initially disgusted and resisted,Quickly became acceptance,There is even a subconscious expectation of recognizing this past,This change in perception is not imperceptible,But very fast,Shocked him。
Yuan Hua felt that the other consciousness killed in his body seemed to be resurrected,And growing at an amazing speed,In just a few weeks, there is a tendency to compete for body control,Cause him to wake up sometimes,Sometimes violent,This seemingly schizophrenic state made him realize the seriousness of the problem,And I believe that this kind of competition will soon end with one side’s victory,And the ultimate winner is by no means his original world。
‘Predator’not dead,Although modern medicine and medicine have no means,But it still didn’t kill it completely,Yuan Hua persistently examines the parts of the body that are manifested by the mutation every day,Such as the scales on the body,Already degraded and soft,Now it’s hard and shiny again,The nails of the limbs have also become flat due to long-term medication,But now it is beginning to bend and become abnormally hard,Especially fingernails,The prototype of that sharp claw has appeared。
His voice、Light becomes more sensitive,Yuan Hua felt hopeless,Everything is confirmed damn it‘Predator’Resurrecting,He told the doctor about these changes,But after a thorough inspection,The treatment team did not find‘Predator’Any corroboration in its body,And said,It is normal that a certain degree of repetition in the body parts of the variant manifestation,They will pay close attention。