Lu Qiyuan left a residue,Shrinking inch,Directly to the summer。

Summer does not avoid flash,Not refund,The same punch。
Strong strike,Hard to hard!“Tinkling!”
There are no flowers in two fists.,The finite strides together。
Actually, like a steel-like metal。
And out of a circle-shaped corrugated excess diffusion,The ground is a dramatic tremor。
Lu Quan is like a badlier,Speed fast like lightning,Open a big way,People who are fierce can’t be horrified,Fierce confrontation with summer。
The ban on the edge of the rumor is not swaying a layer of ripple。
Also scattered energy constantly tear,Such continuous recovery。
Lu Quan’s war is too powerful.,Every feet of each punch is as tearing space,Vibrate ten parties。
This is the most powerful opponent currently encountered in the summer.,Wan as an ancient beast。
The land is full of invincible,Every punch,There are soiled of the yellow light.,Like a heavy turmoil。
Every move,It is like a giant is rushing.,Unbelievable。
Abnormal powerful and fierce。 Everything is quiet inside and outside the field,Everyone is looking for。
Many people know that Lu is the top existence of the second step.。
Second to a thousand moves、Tang Hao’s anti-sky。
But still didn’t think,He actually stronger to this extent。
Summer This fire is unassioped,How long can you persist?。
The disciples of the earth system were defeated by Chen Qifeng.,Some silent angry。
I saw that there was a big opening of land.,Mad beast,Fight like a bad infinity,All the blood is boiling。
They are ready。
Was ready after the summer,Shout immediately shout。
However, they are destined to be disappointed.。
Facing the arrest of Lu Quanming,There is no flash in the summer.,No flower,Secondary hardship。
Although it is constantly returned,Fall into the wind,But this tough style,Let everyone shocked。 “good!”
The fire is a long and lingering,Many people call。
It is the three elders and old Wuting Rivers.。
They don’t report any hope in the summer.。
Unique requirements,Just let him play the morale of the fire。
What happens when you lose?,Who dares to laugh again。
A long old faint opening,“Summer although chooses with land,But he is a time to grasp the abnormality accuracy,This experience,Already boarded the elegance。”
Another person nodded,“Be right,Lu Quan’s boxing is very heavy,But every punch,Can’t play full,Dedicated blocked。”