Do not force students to purchase designated equipment

Original title: Do not force students to purchase designated equipment to ensure the scientific, standard application of mobile learning terminals in Zhejiang Province, explore the teaching and learning reform in the information environment, expand the coverage of quality education resources, promote the balance and fairness of education, and recently, The Provincial Department of Education issued a "Zhejiang Primary and Secondary School Mobile Learning Terminal Equipment and Application Guidance (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "opinion"), making a specific provision for all aspects of primary and secondary mobile learning terminal equipment and applications. How to look at the mobile learning terminal? "Opinions" pointed out that mobile learning is an important way for personalized teaching, precision teaching and help urban and rural education. In the overall requirements, the school should actively apply mobile learning terminals to education and teaching innovation, promote the deepening teaching reform, and strive to use technology to improve the development of modernization.

Mobile learning terminals and supporting resources should comply with national and provincial-level relevant standards, norms and policy documents. The equipment and applications of mobile learning terminals should be carried out according to law, ensuring balanced, fair, and enhance students’ information literacy. In the assessment requirements of the whole society, the "Opinions" stipulate that there are regions and schools in Zhejiang Province to accelerate the information environment construction of mobile learning, realize the full coverage of the main teaching area wireless network, meet the class to carry out mobile learning needs.

Regional, schools should actively strive for financial funds or school funds unified procurement mobile learning terminals and supporting resources. Encourage students’ compatibility applications for their own mobile learning terminals.

Do not force or induce parents and students to purchase designated equipment, teaching resources, and supporting services. The application of the school uniform use, teaching resources must not be charged directly or change to students and parents. The mobile learning terminal is not applied as a pre-conditionation, and the like. In terms of application, the "Opinions" requires that hardware performance, security, and electromagnetic compatibility of mobile learning terminals should comply with the current national standards, industry standards, and relevant departments. As a teaching, management tools, mobile learning terminals used in classrooms should install control software, have the function of setting up the use period and the time of use, and do not exceed 30% of the total teaching time in principle.

Pre-installed App To do teachers and students’ information and data security protection, the operation process needs to follow national information security related regulations.

Do not install all kinds of educational apps that have not obtained the education record number. "Opinions" also encouraged regional and schools to use the teaching resources of the public service platform at all levels, and encourage schools to strengthen the construction of school-based teaching resources.

At the same time, we must ensure that teaching resources are in line with the party’s education policy and the requirements of Lidshu people, reflect quality education orientation.

"Opinions" have put forward corresponding work requirements for education administrative departments, education and technical departments at all levels, and all levels of education and technical departments, especially for all primary and secondary schools in the unified mobile learning terminal teaching, provisions from the development plan, scientific argumentation , Review, seek opinions, collective decisions, and specific work steps such as advanced registration. (Question: Zhang Liqi, Wang Liwei).