2020 Ningxia Shapo Head Scenic Area will revisit the advantages of cultural tourism resources around the "Star’s Hometown"

People’s Network Yinchuan March 24 (Liang Hongxin) Recently, the reporter learned from the China Tourism Group Ningxia Shapo Top Tourist Scenic Spots, on March 1, the Shapo Head Scenic Area officially opened. At present, the management reception work in the scenic spot is stable and orderly.

This year, Shapotou Scenic Area will surround "There is a scenic spot called Ningxia – Ningxia is the hometown of the stars" theme, deep excavating the advantages of cultural tourism resources, launches the Star series leisure vacation products, and accelerate the construction of the Star Hotel project. Star Theme "Angel Room", for all medical staff of Ningxia aid HI medical team, let the retrograde white angel soothing the mood, relax. This year, Shapo Head Scenic Area will also undertake the first-theme event of Star Overview, Star Forum, Star Conference, and Promoting the Image of Star Hotel "Looking up". In addition, Shapotou has a friendly scenic spot with the National 5A Class 5A-level Gulong in Hubei Province, leaning, regional linkage, resource sharing, and development.

At the same time, the Shapou Scenic Area is launched for tourists in the area "sitting high-speed rail, then starting" recreation of Shapo, the scenic spot experience project is also given half price.

It is understood that the Star Hotel project is the key project of Zhongwei City. It is an important carrier of the "Hometown of Ningxia Stars". The project invests billion yuan. On February 28th, the relevant departments have completed the lead in recovering, which is the first complex house in Ningxia. Construction site.

(Editor: Liang Hongxin, tolerance).