Pat 4 body golden nest: blood pressure, hypoglycemic, cough, laxative!

Pat 4 body “golden nest”: blood pressure, hypoglycemic, cough, laxative!

Cixi lived to 73 years old and was a long-lived family at the time.

According to historical records, whenever Cixi appears in a bad urban massage eye socket, the “health nest” such as the waist pocket often has an immediate effect.

Some parts of the human body are the focus of health care. These parts are often massaged and introduced for maintenance, which can enhance the body’s immunity, prevent diseases, and prolong life.

The following parts are the key to health care!

1 The antihypertensive eye socket is in the soft area inside the eyelid.

Gently close the eyes, use the index finger’s fingertips to clockwise on the eyelids, and slowly rotate the massage 10 times counterclockwise.

2 hypoglycemic blood-regulating nest is located in the depression behind the bilateral earlobe.

The vagus nerve is distributed deep in the posterior fossa, which stimulates the excretion of the vagus nerve and promotes the secretion of insulin, thereby effectively lowering blood sugar.

In addition, massage the back of the ear can also adjust the blood to prevent complications of diabetes.

Use your thumb to slowly press the back of the ear, slowly exhale, and then let go for 5 seconds, then repeat 10 times?
15 minutes, massage once a day for lunch and half an hour after dinner.

3 cough and pharyngeal fossa neck is located below the larynx, depression on the sternum.

Use the index finger’s fingertips to press the neck, 100 times a day, 3 times a day?
4 times, the intensity is slightly sore.

Usually half an hour later, you can feel the throat clear, cough, throat, sore throat and other discomforts.

4 ventilating, ventilating, nesting, nesting in the left and right depressions of the lumbar spine, hands on the back of the contact area is.

After the two hands are facing each other, press the waist and tightly. After a while, pull down to the tailbone part and continue to do it 50 times, once every morning and evening.