Pilot construction of Beixinqiao Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 11th (Chi Mengrui) On March 10, with the professional support of the third party Huajian social worker institution, the social workers in the gate of Beixinqiao Street, Beixinqiao Street, Dongcheng District came to the courtyard No. 75 to see 17 households on the spot. Residents’ home garbage classification.

According to Tian Weirong, secretary of the gate of Beixinqiao Street, Dongcheng District, in order to thoroughly implement the "Regulations on the Management of Beijing Municipal Home Wurns Management" and grasp the key trials of the community governance of garbage classification, Beixinqiao Street Mentou Community has been trying Article 41 The trials do not land on the ground. Residents will be put in time regularly. From 7 am to 9 am every day, and 6 to 8 pm at night, there are garbage trucks shuttled in the hutong to collect residents’ garbage.

After more than a year of exploration and implementation, most residents of the courtyard have basically achieved regular designation, but the level of home classification needs to be further improved.

In order to crack the pain points of the scaling classification, the community cooperates with third -party professional institutions, relying on the pilot project of the "five forces", and strives to create the negotiation, cultivation, action, innovation, and cooperation of community governance, and cultivate professional garbage classification in the early stage On the basis of governance of residents’ organizations, give full play to the "five -social linkage" mechanism, and go to the hospital to carry out the source of garbage classification. After checking the classification of garbage classification in several residents’ homes, the social workers fully affirmed and praised the good living habits of the residents, and inquired about the opinions and suggestions on the policies of the non -landing policy. Construction became a zero -waste circulation demonstration courtyard. Subsequently, professional teachers invited by third -party institutions shared the innovative practice cases of zero waste circulation courtyard, and scored new environmentally friendly and healthy living concepts and lifestyles with residents of the hospital -the principle of zero waste 3R, and organized the residents of the hospital to conduct consultation. Discuss the possibility of piloting the pilot in the courtyard, and instruct the residents to install the "smart collection" applets on the spot. Residents enthusiastically expressed their own opinions and ideas, and conducted in -depth exchanges with communities and social organizations on issues such as the treatment of local resourceization, the quality improvement and optimization of the courtyard space, and expressed the strong willingness of co -construction and co -governance to share.

It is understood that after the survey and evaluation of the hospital, the gate of the gate will cooperate with Huajian social workers to lead the residents of the No. 75 courtyard to optimize the participation design of the hospital’s space, and plan to organize the workshop for old things and new greens, home compost and other enhanced workshops, and lead everyone to open practice. Study practice of zero abandoned lifestyle.

Next, we are committed to creating the courtyard into the first sample courtyard with a zero -waste cycle, and expand the pilot successful experience model to the entire east Article 41, which truly allows the garbage to not land. (Responsible editor: Meng Zhu, Guo Yafei) Share let more people see it.