Spring health, don’t forget to raise stomach


Spring health, don’t forget to raise stomach

In the spring, everything is revived, and the stomach of the person is also the most active and tasteful, but the spring is also a time when the disease is easy to develop. Experts point out that if the spleen and stomach are not very good, it is best to maintain it at this time.

銆€銆€Learn to adjust your emotions. “Nei Jing” thinks: “Rage is the liver and the economy is sorrowful, the sorrow is the lungs and the temper, the temper is the temper, the sorrow is the sorrow, the sorrow is the sorrow,” the anger is angry, even the blood is discarded.”Wait, it is about the onset of emotional disorders.

銆€銆€Unrestrained liver dysfunction can lead to dysfunction of the cerebral cortex, affecting the secretion of gastric juice, the degree of mucosal vascular filling and the peristalsis of the stomach wall.

Therefore, you must learn to adjust your emotions and live happily and happily.

銆€銆€Massage the stomach to help the health according to acupuncture therapy with your fingers to force the stomach, adhere to two minutes, help relieve the burden of the stomach; In addition, in order to promote intestinal peristalsis, complications, constipation, do not hinder the face down, the left and right legs slowly riseForty-five degrees, hold down for three seconds, and repeat for ten times.

It should be noted that if you have frequent stomach pain, stomach acid, and poor bowel movements, you should go to the hospital immediately.

銆€銆€Smoking cessation alcohol avoids irritating food in the diet, three meals should be regular, quantitative, not too full, thirst, too cold, too hot, too hard, too greasy.

Diet should be light, eat less marinated products and spicy spicy food.

Quit smoking, alcohol, strong tea, coffee and other bad habits.

銆€銆€Atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia, usually need to eat 尾-carotene, vitamin C and folic acid foods, such as kiwi, citrus, strawberry green vegetables.

銆€銆€In addition, the spring diet should conform to the characteristics of the solar terms. People who like to eat acidic foods should eat less. Because spring is the season of divergence, acidic foods have a function of convergence. If you continue to eat more acid, it is not good for your body.The vomiting of the new one will damage the spleen and stomach.

People who like to eat sour, eat more sweet foods can help the spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€However, experts who eat small meals and eat a lot of people will prescribe a stomach ulcer patients must “eat less meals.”

However, new research shows that food enters the stomach, which is only a kind of stimulation to the gastric mucosa, but gradually increases the permeation and peristalsis, and the increase of gastric acid and pepsin secretion is not beneficial to the healing of ulcer disease.

銆€銆€The diet of patients with gastric ulcer should be expected to be regular, quantitative, avoid obesity and full meal, do not over-distribute and eat more meals, which is conducive to the healing of gastric ulcer.