“Good!Where do you get the question??Do you want me with you?”Lu Menglin looked at Su Xuehen’s beautiful profile,Can’t help but say softly。

“no need!Right at the teaching office,Have to wait for the teachers to bring it from outside。Go busy with you!”Su Xuehen smiled。
“I’m not too busy recently,Why don’t you stay with you!I can ask Wang Shaoxiao to buy baked potatoes。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“Wang Shaoxiao?That guy hasn’t come to class for a long time, right!I heard that he is helping you with your business?I want someone to buy you baked potatoes!Boss Lu,Are you abusing child labor?!”Su Xuehen said with a smile。
Lu Menglin was stunned for a moment,Then I remembered that Wang Shaoxiao seemed to be away from school,Since the fat man has a goal,The whole person is devoted to career,All this weekCcity,Never come back。
“OK then!I will buy baked potatoes after school,You must pay attention to your safety!”Lu Menglin smiled。
“Got it!What’s unsafe in the teaching office!”Su Xuehen smiled and shook her head。
Lu Menglin turned his face away,Staring quietly out the window。
The sun is shining outside the classroom,Green tree red flower,Looks very comfortable。
Since the college entrance examination is no longer so important to me,The reason why Lu Menglin is still in this classroom,Nothing else,Just for the girl beside me。
He remembers very clearly,Su Xuehen, whose academic performance has always been the top of the year,But in the final battle of the college entrance examination,In the end, he barely passed one three books,Make the whole school sigh。
And this matter,Also let the beautiful squad leader create a shadow of life,Seriously affected her future life trajectory。
So Lu Menglin always wanted to know,What happened back then,Can affect Su Xuehen, who has always been calm and indifferent, to that extent,He really wants to find this reason,Kill all unfavorable factors in the invisible,Let Su Xuehen return to his normal life trajectory。
“Lu Menglin,You come out。”The majestic and powerful voice of Teacher Gong came from the windowsill。
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