Dayan snorted and didn’t answer,But the innate Taoist knees soft,He sat back on his seat with a puff,He is far from‘Nirvana handkerchief’Opponent,Even if it’s the master,It’s hard to say that you can take advantage of this evildoer,And this crazy monster knows his master’s name and dares to kill,It shows that it has no fear,I’m planted today。

“If you are not convinced,Let’s fight again。”‘Nirvana handkerchief’Countless open mouths are like eyes, they all look at Dayan,Extremely arrogant。
“Hey,Hey,All fellow Taoists are safe,Actually put it through,Everyone can understand the pains of matt,Will you?,No light never reluctant,Just don’t leave my Red Fire Palace before we get done。”The Great Asura God quickly blocked him‘Nirvana handkerchief’Before you,Hit a stick,Knead twice,Very practical negotiation skills,He uses perfect fire。
The innate Taoist has long lost his fighting spirit,Right now is to put him on the fire,He has to suffer,Dayan examines the situation,regardless‘Nirvana handkerchief’Or the God of Asura is a top master,He has no chance of winning against one of them,Besides, there are two masters in the Borneo world beside,Dimoro knows him well,But it seems to have a better relationship with the Great Asura God,Really start,The two don’t help each other,Needless to say his companion,In this way,At an absolute disadvantage,For the time being, I can only bear it as the best policy。
Chapter nine hundred and twenty six you do this delibrately
Just night,Li Tianzhi returned to the temporary command post of Xinglongshan Mental Hospital in extreme depression,One afternoon,He is studying that space rift,But no progress,The instructor and Lan Ling are busy with him,Gu Changfeng and the others went to receive the newly arrived scientific experts,Compared to space rift,These experts seem to be more interested in the three-headed monster。
The space gap here is actually not big,Is an irregular long strip,The length and width are about 0.8 to 3 meters,Repeated experiments this afternoon,No matter what,Just enter the long strip area,Will disappear without a trace,And the cut surface is smooth and scary,Iron rod、Wooden stick、brick、Live sheep etc.,Either swallowed whole,Or be cut into smooth sections,I don’t know how many things I threw,Very stable。
After careful measurement,The entire strip area can be determined to be a two-dimensional plane inclined to the ground plane at an angle of forty-five degrees,Except for this flat area,Other directions,There is no danger including the front, back, left, and right, and up and down ranges of the plane。
In view of this characteristic and the urgency of time,Li Tianzhen suggested to build a small building in a space crack,Wrap the entire long strip area in,Prevent people from entering by mistake、accidental injury,All walls and floors of the small building are made of reinforced concrete,Spray special warning signs,Inside the cage and prison formation,Mainly to prevent unidentified creatures from entering the space。
Although only a temporary measure,But very targeted,The instructor and Lan Ling agree,Immediately report to Gu Changfeng,After being approved,And ask the local to coordinate and contact the construction team,Strive to enter the market as quickly as possible,Li Tianchou searched for classics overnight,Draw formation,When the small building has a feel, insert the formation into the wall。
Sometime later in the night,A slight wave of waves suddenly appeared in the depths of Li Tianzhen’s mind,Had to stop the work in hand。
“The Great Asura God finally can’t sit still。”In my mind is the voice of Li Xiucheng。