Wang Youcai asked with a smile:“what?He is your man,I never heard you say“

Chen Xiaodong pulled Zou Yong over,Smiled and said to Wang Youcai:“Boss Wang,I have to see clearly this time,He is my good friend Zou Yong,I’m doing things together now,So you have to make things easier“
When Wang Youcai heard what Chen Xiaodong said to him,This gave him great face。He hurriedly smiled:“Good talk,I really don’t know each other。If I knew it was your friend,Then I don’t need to do it“
Zou Yong looked unconvinced,Chen Xiaodong attached to his ear and whispered a few words。This guy raised his brows and said:“Since Boss Wang is Dong’s friend,Then the punch just now,I think it’s bad luck,But you have to return this stinky woman,Good but our people“
Xu Lihong,Hurriedly hugged Wang Youcai’s arm,She shook her head like a rattle and said:“Wang Ge,You have to take me away,I will be beaten to death by them when I go back“
Chen Xiaodong take a look,Face suddenly changed,He asked Zou Yongdao coldly:“What the hell is going on?I was in such a mess in two days“
Zou Yong pulled Chen Xiaodong aside,Said a few words quietly,Just listen to Chen Xiaodong saying very angry:“I can’t do it!You still chased on the street to fight,Even if Boss Wang doesn’t make a move,,Are you not afraid of the police??“
Zou Yong bowed his head when Chen Xiaodong said a few words。Wang Youcai is a little bit confused,Are these two acting for him?,Zou Yong is really so afraid of Chen Xiaodong。
Xu Lihong’s arm holding Wang Youcai kept shaking,It seems she was really scared of being beaten。This is how to do?Seeing this woman so pitiful,He really can’t bear to send it out。But behave according to rules,Since this person belongs to Chen Xiaodong,He really can’t take it away。
Just when Wang Youcai was hesitant,Chen Xiaodong walked to Wang Zaicai,Patted his shoulder twice and said:“Women like clothes,Brothers like brothers。Since Boss Wang likes this woman,Then take away,Even if things didn’t happen tonight“
Chen Xiaodong’s generosity,Wang Youcai admires,He laughed and said:“People are yours,I won’t mess with the rules,But she was a little scared tonight,I take it away first,Let her come to you in two days“
“No way!There is no such reason“Zou Yong immediately said loudly。
Wu Wu stopped listening,Immediately took a step forward。Seeing a conflict break out again。But at this time,A few policemen came in。
The leader shouted while walking:“What are they doing?Gather so many people,Do you want to fight?“
Chen Xiaodong and Zou Yong take a look,My face suddenly changed。Wang Youcai is not nervous,Waiting for the police to approach,He smiled when he saw it:“Yo!Director Zhao!Are you patrolling yourself?!Really a good policeman for the people”