“Has the Zhang family and those‘Zhentianwei’Haunt Wuming Mountain?”

“Never had。”
Li Tianchou was quite surprised,After a moment of contemplation,Take out two small porcelain bottles from the black scroll and hand them to Jia Chou,“This medicine is taken from the Huoyan Temple,Great help to the restoration of the soul。”
Jia Chou moved,Li Xiucheng thought of him as soon as he recovered,Excited,Trembling hands took the medicine bottle,Thousands of words but hard to express。
“Go and pick up the bones of the kwai。”
Chapter Ninety Five Shura Red Fire Palace
“Lord this is.”Jia Chou hesitated。
“I need some information,You get it。”
Jia Chou dare not ask again,Turn into a white light and enter the temple,And fly into the underground palace,The bones of the kwai are huge,Buried on the side of the underground palace,It is not easy to bring the bones out after the whole collapsed here,Jia Chou had to use Weili to make a big hole,The whole person soared out with the corpse。
Li Tianchou spliced the bones of Jiakui into a complete form,Worshipped three times,Then take out that space pocket,Put the bones into the bag carefully。
Jiakui is in charge of order and communication in the warrior of the Temple of War,Have contact with every priest in the temple,If you want to find the whereabouts of other samurai in the temple,,Only from Jiachou、Looking for clues on Jiakui。
Jia Chou’s memory loss,Mainly because part of the soul was swallowed by the Demon Lord,Li Tianchou can’t risk Li Xiucheng’s soul,It’s good to kill the devil,But I can’t retrieve the soul that was swallowed,The odds are only fifty-five,Besides, there is Pan Mang peeping beside him,Many variables,Not worth the loss。