A young woman in the West Jiangqiao, Ningbo, in a young woman, and a pair of hands in a pair of hands in the thousands of hands …

On the evening of the night, the Yu police officer of the Jiangbei squadron of Ningbo Yuyao Public Security Bureau has just handled a traffic accident, and the colleague is ready to drive to the squad.Just when the road was taken, a citizen took the car window, and he told Yu police officer to have a young woman in the south of Xijiang Bridge, and there seems to be a light possum.

Sure enough, from the direction of this enthusiastic citizen, Yu police officer found that there was a young woman shaking on the bridge guardrail, and there was a risk of falling in the river.

When I said it later, he immediately pulled the young woman from the guardrail back to the bridge.

"In the near-distance contact, I smelled the thick alcohol from the other side.

"Yu Jie Sheng recalls that this is excited when Xiaoli is emotional, shouting and constantly rolling on the bridge.