2021 Digital China Innovation Competition Digital Party Construction Circuit Award Ceremony held

  2021 Digital China Innovation Competition Digital Party Construction Circuit Awards Ceremony Site. Xinhuanet Xiao and Yonghot Xinhuanet Fuzhou April 11 (Liu Feng) After nearly 3 months of competition, 2021 digital China Innovation Competition has come to an end. On the 10th, the contest award ceremony was held in Longyan, Fujian.

  As a 2021 digital China Innovation Competition, the digital party construction track is the theme of "Digital Energy", the Ministry of Communist Party, hosted by the Digital China Construction Summit Organizing Committee, Fujian Digital Fujian Construction Leading Group Office, Longyan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China The Longyan Municipal People’s Government is committed to the Organization Department of Longyan Municipal Committee, Longyan Municipal Data and Administration Service Administration.

  Since the beginning of January 17th, the competition has been launched, and there are 28 project teams to win the final "Admission".

Finally, Kung Fu Animation Co., Ltd. "Kung Fu Anime – Anime Party Construction All Industry Chain Operation Promotion Model", Hanzheng Tianchen (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. "Zunyi 5D Sightu Drama" Compliance " "China Petroleum Party Construction Information Platform" has obtained the "Digital Party Construction Model Innovation Group", "Digital Party Building + Red Text Travel Innovation Group" First Prize. Leader of the Journalism Group of the Competition, Zhang Xiaojin, director of the Political Science Department of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, said that the innovation of party construction work is not just the construction of the party itself, but to focus more on society, focus on party group relationship, this is also One of the standards of the review of the competition. For example, the "Kung Fu Anime" project carried out party members to learn education, organizational activities through anime, may have believed that this is extensive, but it is such a digital transformation and better contact the party and the masses. "In recent years, Longyan has given full play to political resources of the old people in the old people, vigorously promoting the spirit of the Gutian Conference, and builds the improved ‘Red Supper Pioneer’ party building.

Guo Lizhen, deputy mayor of Longyan Municipal People’s Government, said, hoping to take the opportunity of party history education as a new starting point, play the advantages of the red resources of the West, promote digital technology and party building organic integration, fully release the digital party bonus Expand the influence of red dragon rock brands, boost the province and even the national digital party building high quality development.

  Award ceremony.

The head of Xinhuanet Xiao and Queen Competition, Zhang Xiaojin, director of the Political Science Department of Tsinghua University, and the director of the School of Social Sciences.

Xinhuanet Xiao and the courage award ceremony. Xinhuanet Xiao and courage.