Agricultural Bank Nanning Science and Technology Branch launched the "Financial Knowledge Improve Campus" publicity

In order to strengthen publicity and education for public financial knowledge, effectively prevent financial risks, in recent school season, China Agricultural Bank Nanning Science and Technology Branch actively entered the Nanning Normal University Teachers College and other campuses, concentrated on "popular currency knowledge to prevent financial fraud" theme Publicity and education activities.

The "financial knowledge into the campus" is one of the activities of the "Financial Knowledge Universal Month, Financial Knowledge into Wanjia". At the event, the staff passed the publicity banner, issued a publicity fold, and the on-site receiving consultation and other forms, students preached financial knowledge. At the same time, the bank staff also introduced the contents of monetary policy and financial management, helping teachers and workers to enhance the ability to prevent financial fraud, enhance their ability to consciously resist network telecommunications fraud and illegal trading account, and create a good campus finance The environment has played a positive driving role. Next, the bank will continue to carry out various forms of activities, further popularize financial knowledge, do finance services, and always adhere to social responsibility to fulfill state-owned banks. (Li Hongxing) (Editor: Liu Jia, Huang Wei Mei) Sharing let more people see.