“Exactly the same。”

Populus shook his head:“Different patterns,It should be a pair of copper bells,Exquisite workmanship,Three to four hundred years of history。”
“antique?”Jinhua asked in surprise。
“Be it!”
Whether it is Huazai,Or the audience in the live room,All dumbfounded:Monkey gives treasure to home?
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Five Spend money monkey
Liu Fang took a closer look,You can see that the surface of the hollow copper bell is a pattern of auspicious clouds,One of them is flying dragon,The other is Tiger。
“This craft,Definitely not an ordinary folk craft,very successful。”Wen Wenhao commented。
Even today,This is still a beautiful copper bell,So he can be sure,This thing is a baby。Just don’t know,What age is this。
Hu Yang watched for a while,Open road:“This copper casting technique is a bit interesting。”
“Ok!You see,This copper bell,It should be three to four hundred years old。General copper,After so long,Must be covered with patina,Rust。But this one does not,Still bright copper yellow。It can be said with certainty,This is not just a technical issue of copper smelting,Inert metal elements like gold must also be added,Just like this。”Hu Yang said with certainty。
“Three or four hundred years?That’s the Qing Dynasty!”
“Late Ming and early Qing!Should be more than 400 years old。”Populus euphratica,I know the origin of this item。
Speaking of copper alchemy,Many people can’t understand。