Li Lili and other sciences are still doing various experiments overnight to collect data。

“Li Lili,What about the zombie’s arm?”
“Sealed in the freezer。”
“fast……Take it out quickly,I have an urgent need!”
“Why are you here?”
“I’ll tell you this later。”
“Ok,But the zombie arm is frozen with nitrogen,It takes two hours to defrost。”
743 Four generations of zombies
Chen Xiu naturally can’t wait that long,Two hours later, I’m afraid that Ou Sheng will be sucked by Jia Ren.!
“Can there be a quick way to thaw?”
Li Lili shook her head and said:“No way,If thawed too fast, it will destroy the cell wall,The value of the whole arm research is invalidated……”
She hasn’t finished speaking yet,A female voice shrieked,Everyone look over,I saw that Lin Caiwei pointed to a scientific researcher’s desk with a look of horror and said:“master,Their laboratory is too evil,Look at him dissecting a human finger!”
Everyone look together,I saw a researcher really dissecting a human finger one by one,Put finger skin、Muscle、Blood vessel、Separate nerves one by one。
“That’s not a normal human finger,It’s the finger cut off the zombie arm。”Li Lili explained。
Chen Xiu was surprised,Asked:“This finger was also amputated from the arm?”
Chen Xiu can’t care about nausea,Just pick up that finger and pass it to Zhang Yuantu,Said:“Zhang Tianshi,Can you find Jia Ren with this finger?!”