Just when Xia Jian took Qin Xiaomin to the front of Zhang’s yard,Zhang Erzheng is cleaning the fallen courtyard wall with a few children。When he saw Xia Jian,Ran over quickly。

“Mayor Xia!You are our parent official,Look at my house,It should be the worst affected household in Xiping Village,It can’t justify the government not giving some help!“Zhang Er took Xia Jian’s arm,Said poorly。
Xia Jian took away Zhang Er’s hand,Said in a low voice:“Zhang Er!The whole Xiping Village,The wall of your house fell,Why is that?Have you thought about this problem?Don’t you feel ashamed?I only know to ask the government for help?“
“What is shame about this?It’s a natural disaster and not a man-made disaster“Zhang Eryi’s face of disdain,It feels like he did it for granted。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“People like you are really hopeless。How about this!Let Zhao Hong send you to an elderly care home in the city,Your child is raised in the village,what do you think?“
First1782chapter A dark thunder
? Zhang Eryi listen,A bit stunned,It took a long time to say:“How does that work?“
“What’s wrong。I think you are lazy,The rest is idle,Drinking and playing cards。Even building a courtyard wall is the worst in the village。But have you ever thought,If the courtyard wall fell last night,Someone is beside,What is the result?“Xia Jian’s face changed when he said。
Zhang Eryikan,Whispered:“I also want to be firmer,But i have no money“
“Can you have money?They work twenty-seven or eight days a month,And you are more comfortable than a civil servant,Only work more than ten days a month,Still want to take more money,It’s pretty good without resigning you。You say you are such an image,How embarrassed to take the child,Hurry up and go to the nursing home!“Xia Jian finished,Go forward angrily。
Zhang Er is dumbfounded this time,He bowed his head and walked back silently,Continue his work。
Qin Xiaomin caught up with Xia Jian in two steps,She lowered her voice and said:“Did you say too much to this person?,This will hurt his self-esteem“
“Hey!He can’t live up to the whole Xiping Village,When I say this, he also hates iron and steel。But let’s talk,It is still necessary to help。After all, there are still a few children in the family“Xia Jian said,A little helplessly shook his head。
Qin Xiaomin understood Xia Jian’s mind。It turns out that his mouth is very hard,Soft inside。But the other way around,Sometimes the work in the village should be done like this,This is experience。
Read the whole village,It’s time to eat。Because I didn’t eat a bite in the morning,Xia Jian is hungry now。He didn’t say anything,Brought Qin Xiaomin back home。
Zhao Hong ran back early to help Sun Yuejuan cook,So Xia Jian and Qin Xiaomin went back,The meal is on the table。Qin Xiaomin is also welcome,Pick up a bowl and eat,There is no air of high-ranking children。