It looks so evil。

And behind him is a three-headed eight-armed ancestor with a scimitar,It is the chaotic alien that Li Ming and others defeated before,But his injuries have fully recovered long ago。
Ancestral God,Leadership power comparable to the ancestors?
Although powerful,But they are not without chance。
“Formation!”Xiaoyao Tianzun and Kuafu are preparing to set up a large array,But was stopped by Li Ming。
“Happy、Kuafu,Leave them to me!”Li Ming was almost killed,But it’s suffocating,Take a pill to treat the injury,At the same time, fly out the merit boat!
“Candle dragon,you!”Xiaoyao Tianzun wants to stop,But I was stunned by the scene before me。
Li Ming flew out of the flying boat alone,The robe swells suddenly,Directly trapped those two chaotic alien races。
And from the perspective of Xiaoyao Tianzun,In the void,Li Ming’s Three Thousand Dharma Pearls Turned into Three Thousand Worlds。
The world of 3,000 statues is divided into ten parts,Spin in the void。
“life and death!”
“Five Elements!”
With a trace of chaos at the core,Operate with the power of life and death in the fifth realm,Under the operation of the five elements and five directions, the energy of the golden, wood, water, fire, earth, and the five elements of the waves emerged。