Han Jiang stared at the armor for a while,From this armor, you can find the shadow of Ji’s appraiscript.。

Do not It should be said that the shadow of this armor can be seen from the appointment.。
“This is the second-generation armor developed by our research and development. Core energy is not a familiar energy nuclear energy,But the crash。”
“Cracked?”Everyone is surprised。
“Um Be right。”iContinue to say:“Investigate the research in our research,Some animals absorbed the collapse and become very strong The energy that can be used to use the crack beast。”
“this”Ceiling down a piece of curtain Projection open,Above is a lack of strange animals。
“Good guy,Not a poor??”Han Jiang stared at projection,“He touched in the holy markspace So very clear。”
“This is the will of the willbeam that is discovered in the mainland of Shenzhou, ten years ago Where is the person named it?,At that time, a armored force was disposed.。”
“As long as someone can withstand a lot of collapse,And the body will not change the disease,You can also use the collapse to fight。”
“Currently scattered around the world,Secret removal of collapse Treatment team members of collapsed patients,Belong to this class。”
“I have developed two-generation armor Need very suitable person,After my time study We only have two people to be perfect here.。”
“two?”Kaoto shrugged,Since only two people can put all the capabilities That should have no yourself.。
A bit of a pity But as long as you can http://www.0755kobelco.cn stayiIt is good to protect him.。
“Um One of the Hanjiang students,Still one”iThe eyes swept around the people around,Finally, point to Kay,“It’s you。”
“I?”Kai pointed to his nose,Laughing around and left,“impossible?”
“come here。”iTake Kara,Then call out the value of Kai’s body from the computer。
“when will you”Kai looked at his information exposed to everyone’s,Red ear,Too shameful。
iUnfinished:“In front of researchers,Everyone has no gender points。”
“You and Hanjiang two people sway all day,Lave youdnaBy the way, it is not difficult to detect the values of your body.。”
“Put on this armor and the first part of the front hard?”Han Jiang asked。
This plot is a bit wrong.,iI only sixteen?Still seventeen?
The law has just begun to appear,I have developed armor that can be faced with face with the law.,This http://www.szht92.cn makes the law how to play?
“What is hard?”
“Forehead,Is a frontal battle。”Han Jiang explained。
“I want to think。”iSay:“Armor can only improve part of combat ability,Real and the law fight,It is the combat troad that Muru came from,There is also a secret battleship that we just built in our base.。”
“When the first law appears in the draft,I have begun to use a lot of data to start calculation.,Even if it is a support and our warship,Only defeat the first law,I can’t completely kill her.。”
“so,The last hit against the law,Need that one of us personally defeated,Or personally confirm her death。”
“Who is you and Hanjiang??”iThe eyes are swaying between Kay and Hanjiang。
Han Jiang’s head,“You do it。”
Kai is a little resistant,He doesn’t want to say what hero is,That means。