Chengdu Qingyang: The famous ceremony

Prepare the flag.

Qingyang District Education Bureau is for map People’s Network Chengdu September 1st, this morning, by the Communist Party of China, Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, Chengdu Education Bureau, Deyang City Education Bureau, Meishan City Education Bureau, Ziyang City Education Bureau, "Thanksgiving Ming Zhi Dream Rejuvenation "2021 Y Chengdao Epoch Yang and Middle School opening school leading activities in the western part of the passionate elementary school.

The four places hosted the "first lesson" live broadcast into the campus national towel, the Sichuan Political Consultative Conference, Sichuan Symphony Orchestra National First Class Actor Maidong integrates the beauty of the music into the classroom, and performs a song with the grassy six-grade child "I and M motherland".

Among the melting melody, review the party’s century history and grateful for the new era.

Safety is the first lifeline of the school. Zhang Wen, member of the Party Group of Qingyang District Education Bureau, and the party secretary of the Party Committee, "To make safety education activities as an important task to improve the comprehensive quality of school teachers, strong measures, carefully organized, carefully arranged, safe Educational activities have been grasped, do a good job, and implement it. "In the West District of Cai Cang Primary School, the police officer of the Traffic Police, the Qingyang District Bureau patrol riot brigade, the police officer of the Spoir police station explained anti-drug, telecom fraud security, traffic safety, etc. Relevant knowledge, and use a classic case to ring the child’s inner alarm.

The on-site teachers and students are actively involved in interaction, visiting the safety publicity exhibition board, drug sample, police instrument and equipment.

Aviation Science and Technology Education Experts sent a wish on September 1st, at 8:30 am, all teachers and students of Chengdu Chengfei Middle School gathered in the school stadium, and held the first lesson of the school with the theme of "Thanksgiving and Matching Dreams". The aviation industry is a flying expert Fang Jinxing, "August 1 Medal" winner, the Chinese Air Force special test flyer, the air force-level test flight expert, the vice minister of the Air Force Command, Li Zhonghua, China Air Force special test flyer, the deputy director of the original Air Force "Touching China’s top ten characters" Liang Wanjun, China Air Force special test franchime Song Kui and other attended the ceremony. At the scene, the teacher-student representative of Chengfei Middle School is surrounded by the performance of "Lid Tree, Wudai" themes, and the characteristics of moral education, intelligence, sports, health, labor, and aviation technology. The scene, vivid image demonstrates the fruits and students of the school teachers and students in the background of new era. Especially during the interpretation of labor education, Director Tang Lichun moved to the stage of the labor education theme class, with the children to let the children experience the happiness and happiness of labor. In the sports skills display, Liu Shda dances with a stunning national standard dance, winning the guests of the guests and the teachers and students warmly, Yu Jesson teaches hands with sports to show the scene of common sports, and push the atmosphere of the venue to the climax .

The dance of the beautiful scene scene "and the spring rain" showed a vivid classical dance, showing the beauty of smart. At the scene, Chengfei Middle School issued a certificate for 4 school special aviation education experts, and experts also took the opportunity to answer questions from the student representatives.

The warriors rose the national flag on September 1, in the expectation of all the teachers and students of Dongcheng Renji Primary School, unveiled the "chasing light, Dongwa!" The theme of the autumn opening ceremony.

The new semester, the campus ushered in two new friends: school cartoon mascot – Panda "True" "Good", they will grow with all Dongwa, spend happiness childhood. The book of the book, the concentrated ink.

Dance "Jane Yue" uses three two bamboo slips, five or six sways, and the teachers and students of the whole school will describe a dream chapter.

Yang Olympics spirit and raise your health. In the process of reviewing and telling the story of China’s atmosphere and the story of China’s athletes, the children understand the spirit of sports and understand that life is to flying, and every effort to go.

(Wu Jiajing, Zhang Junwen, Hu Jia) (Editor: Qiao Yifei (intern), Gao Hongxia) Share let more people see.