British model style strength is a good thing, enjoy the struggle – Director of the Intermediate People’s Court of Justuo Xinzhuang Intermediate People’s Court Yang Zhong

The people network Qiong On November 12th, the criminal trial is 28 years. His footprints are sealed from ancient city to Shijiazhuang, and they will go to the Tibet Bingcheng Ali. When they come to the future, they will change the orientation. It is a distance "small" The far-off of the family, the unchanging is the enthusiasm for trial, is a dedication for the jurisprudence of the sickness, which is always insisted on the judicial balance in the heart of the people in the hearts of the people.

His name is Yang Zhong, is now a full-time committee of the Trial Committee of Hebei Xiongan New District Intermediate People’s Court. Working nearly 30 years, Yang Zhong’s "result" is not abundant. From 2009 to 2013, he was honored 3 times, second-class work 2 times, first-class work, a national outstanding judge, many times have been rated as "Top Ten Mobilities".

After 6 years, it has been a third-class work 2 times, two equivalents once, was rated as "Excellent Aid Cadres" "Trial Business Expert". In 2019, Yang Zhongmunned to Xiongan Intermediate People’s Court, 2020, the male school, became the only criminal second trial in the province, all of the review cases were maintained or approved by the provincial court … these achievements, full of Yang Zhong’s judicial trial Hard exploration.

Yang Zhong often said that it is good for it.

What is it? The footprint from Yang Zhong is perhaps a 2nd.

Written for the dedication of the trial of the first line, written as a "beneficial thing", and will be willing to dedicate.

In 2007, Yang Zhong was transferred from Baoding Zhongyuan to the provincial court to engage in criminal trial work. At that time, the national criminal policy was significantly adjusted. The case has increased significantly. His home is also facing heavier maintenance, but he has no hesitibly, a heart is completely trial, 2009-2012, his annual volume of the number of cases ranked the top three in the whole hospital, one person completed The amount is equivalent to a few people’s workload.

Between the personal family and professional mission, he did not hesitate. Sometimes it will feel embarrassed to his family, but it is well known that as a judge’s responsibilities and the mission of glory, the responsibility is a long way to go, not to easily do it. It’s hard to be worthy of this court. In decades of criminal trial work, he insisted that each case was made to the ultimate, and he did not let every detail, never allow for any subtle 疵 to influence the fairness of the case.

In 2012, Zhao Moumou deliberately kills the case, the case was repeated twice, and the court insisted that Zhao Moumou was sentenced to death, Yang Zhongjing second trial, found some key evidence, and a large number of verification work and Launching illegal evidence exclusion procedures, and finally discussed the decision by the Review Committee, it was considered that the original judgment confirmed that Zhao’s deliberate murder was unclear. The evidence was insufficient, and Zhao was innocent. It is derived from his toughness of work and refinement and drilling efforts for decades, to ensure that every case is taken from the test, which is worthy of the chest. Brake the burden of snowy plateau singing justice songs as "beneficial things", there must be a "enjoyment".

In 2013, Yang Zhong actively responded to the organization’s call, and came to Tibet Ali District, which was more than 4,500 meters altitude, engaged in aid work.

In the snowy plateau, the mountains of the mountains, Ali’s environment is far more difficult than expected. He said, "The local cadres who have been accompanied by the moon in the long years, is we can’t even eat this bitter?" At the beginning of Ali, in order to standardize the criminal referee of the grassroots court, he wrote "how to make an first-instance Decision, proposed a criminal referee paper template.

In order to improve the priority of the trial, he often concentrated on the court to view the trial, even run to the grassroots hospital handle guidance training. Under his guidance, two referee documents written by two judges were obtained by the Supreme People’s Court Excellent Referee Certificate and the second prize of the National Court Environmental Resources Referee.

"I wrote articles protecting wild animals. If it can be paid attention to, the protection of wild animals in Tibet is a good thing!" He has been thinking from the case of Miki Maki, in 2014. The judge’s perspective is to protect the wild species of Tibet. After in-depth investigation, his main pen of the research topic "The status quo, cause, and countermeasures of the crime of wildlife resources in Ali) were rated as a first place in the Tibet High Court, and many papers written in destroying wildlife resources crimes "Tibet Daily" "Tibet Trial" and other publications. After coming to Ali, he often is surrounded by anxiety, anxiety is not personal, but how to make more beneficial things for Tibet in a limited time.

The results of the aid come are not easy. Of course, "fish" will understand the difference with "fishing". . In the six years, his footprints have traveled all 7 counties in Ali.

Go to all grasshouses in the grassroots court, with local judges to face-to-face communication guidance. At the same time, extension work is a large number of business training for local public security, procuratorate, discipline inspection, customs, border defense, etc. related to criminal trials. In six years, he made full use of professional advantages, which played greatly of the criminal trial work of the local two-level court, but he said, "I have been doing, but I am not enough!" Reform Innovation Future City depicts development The like is "beneficial things", and we must work together to reform first.

In 2019, Yang Zhongmunned to Hebei Xiongan Intermediate People’s Court, served as a full-time committee of the Audioba, and committed criminal trial. Here, Yang Zhong rose a dry, but also, but also as always, in the new district’s criminal trial, it is practical and innovating, but it is far from the local system to promote the judicial reform. In the past two years, on the basis of full investigation, Yang Zhong pays attention to the various issues of excavating the practice of criminal trial, and has targeted business exchange, semindies and guidance, measures, and makes the new district two-level court’s criminal trial work especially It is a significant change in case quality and judicial concept. At the same time expand the work function, provide targeted business training and guidance, drafting and issuing the "criminal case evidence collection and review guidance", and promoting the level of criminal proceedings in the new district.

The relevant special works of him also achieved the results of the only 2020, and the new district has become the only criminal secondary trial. The review case is maintained or approved by the provincial court; he has achieved results in the special struggle of the blackfish; he participated in 2020 The key topic of the presided over the judicial research was rated as excellent by the Provincial Court; the "Criminal Agreement Lawyer" reform pilot work is in the forefront of the province.

The journey is long, only struggle. Rich life, tempering his strong will quality; great era, incentive, hences in wind and rain, one go forward. With a sincere belief in the judiciary, as a few decades, Yang Zhong was always tired, and his story is still going on … (Editor: Song Wenwen, Shi Yunjuan) Netizen Message Civilization Network rationality Speaking, please observe the news review service agreement.