She and Xi Xi,Have a good day,But their sisters are not arrogant.,These days have always been flattering。

“Oh, my sister,The father will chase you.,Mom also said attention to the long name,Le Yu,Why are you so not filial??
I have worked hard for a lifetime.,Just sold this.。”
“Ha ha”Le Yu is listening,Also laugh,“Hexi,What you think is the same as your sister?,Our Dad and Mom are people who are kind.。
Sometimes I think about it.,Let’s say it’s beautiful.,It is better than just around them.。”
Le Xi nodded,“elder sister,Waiting for them later,We are accompanying them,Also get。”
Le Yu is a little bit,Many mood have a lot。
Sister brother, two people are very happy.。
This time,Everyone is busy。
Blue Xin has also been busy with Xia Xia wedding dresses,Her each of the lines,Both do it yourself。
Le Yu is also busy,She has not signed an aurora entertainment,And the Muzi fungus became like this,Le Yu also refused to sign a contract。
With the support of your brother,She established her own studio,The whole person is also busy。
Of course you have to go to school,Only the holiday is time to shoot,in this period,She signed two artists,Two young beautiful girls just graduated from the film and television college。
Le Yu’s work is restarted,Busy everyday,She seems to forget,There is also a man named Mu Zihuang in her life.。
Mu Zizi,After hurting on the leg,Not idle,After listening to Le Yu, after his own public office,He took the initiative to be responsible for all business。
he thinks,Can encounter her in the peers,At least,Looking far away, she is good。
However,He went to work for a while,Still not seeing Le Yu。
Aurora entertainment office is also in the top floor,Three-sided floor window,Unobscured,Excellent scenery。
Muzi Honses in a wheelchair,Looking at the scenery of the city from the floor window,Since after something,His eyebrows always linger faint sadness。
The whole person becomes a lot of stability.,Looking at his eyes,Always distressed。
He is some uncomfortable office,Only he and his assistant,Some strangers for him。
Although I haven’t seen Le Yu,But he still can’t help but want to listen to the news。
At this time,His new assistant,Wu Yu,Walking in the suit,He is very handsome.,The eyes are big and God,Deep as imitation of the sea,Deeper,Special stereoscopic,No matter which angle is seen,All look。
Mu Zihao first saw his history,Seeing his experience,I don’t want to think,I chose him to do my own assistant.。
NS805chapter:Be a good arrangement in advance
His eyes have always been good,This work of Wu Yu has always been very good.。
Wu Yue is seriously:“Mu,I am in listening clearly.,It is said that,Miss Yue Yue,Tet this evening to eat with Li Gui,Location is in the hotel opposite their company,Said at six o’clock in the dinner。”
Muzi Li slowly recovered attention,Looking at Wu Yu,“Which Li Guo?”
Wu Yu Road:“Mu,SBLi director of the company。”
Muzi Praveling Mobile,Searched the information of this Li Director。
I have seen several messages in a row.,He is eyebrows。
Lift,Looking at Wu Yu,“Wu Yu,You personally have seen it.,Confirm their location,Give me about a hidden location,As long as you can see them.。”
Wu Yu nodded,Unmustted,“Mu,I just met the general manager in their company.,I have confirmed it.。”
“Um!Call me directly after confirming it,Never have to pick me up,You go directly from get off work.。”
Muzi honing。
Wu Yu suddenly looked at him.。