Park the car,Wang Youcai called Liu Ying to come and move the food in the car,But this woman is deliberately slowing down,Extremely unhappy。

Okay,Ma Hongfang is a master of talk,She tried her best to please Liu Ying。Gradually,Liu Ying’s anger disappeared,She took Ma Hongfang,Two people move things in the car together。
Between women,It’s up to the woman to solve it。Wang Youcai is too lazy to manage,He didn’t help these two women move things,But went back to my room。
The quilt on the bed rolled up into a ball,He reached out,It’s still hot inside。It turns out that Liu Ying is sleeping in his bed。When she saw Ma Hongfang came,She has a sense of crisis of being robbed by others,That’s why she is not happy。
Wang Youcai smiled,Then lay on the sofa。The big iron kettle on the fire is steaming,It looks like it’s going to boil。
Ma Hongfang is a shrewd woman,She helped Liu Ying finish moving the things in the car,He carried his suitcase into Wang Youcai’s office。Thus,She indicated that she wants to live in Wang Youcai’s room。
“not bad!This room is pretty good,It’s more bold than the office of which mine”Ma Hongfang said,So he stuffed his suitcase under the bed。
This is what smart women do。Wang Youcai took a look,I feel associating with this woman,He will care less and more heart。
“Hey!Have you been to the mine?Did you know Liu Ying??”Wang Youcai asked softly。
Ma Hongfang took off her red coat,Hang on the hanger,Then I twisted my slightly raised buttocks,Sitting in Wang Youcai’s arms。Wang Youcai is happy,He put his arm around her waist。
“You men are the same,I don’t know people when I mention my pants。I have not only been to your mine,And stayed for many days”Ma Hongfang said,His body twisted。
At this moment,There was footsteps outside the door。Ma Hongfang just stood up,Liu Ying walked in with a sullen face。She glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Mr. Hu made a call,Ask you what’s going on recently?I said Daxue broke the phone line,Just fixed。No food,You went shopping in the city”
When Wang Youcai heard Hu Huiru’s call,Hurriedly sat up from the sofa。He asked nervously:“What else did she say?”
“She said nothing,just asking。I said you’re back, call her back。She said no”Liu Ying told Wang Youcai about what happened in the past two days.。
“Ok!Good job。Make something delicious tonight and reward yourself”Wang Youcai laughed as he spoke。