“Can you escape??”Li Ming sighed slightly,Why do you mourn for the power of the alien race。

Talent secret【Dreamland】Quietly。
Invisible divine power fluctuations,Dive directly into the soul of the Lord of Banff。
Lord of Banff,Such as the strongest breakthrough,Overpower the monster,Get Xeon Arcana,Ethnic group but countless geniuses。
of course,Just a moment,The Lord of Banff broke free from this illusion。
But even if it breaks out of the illusion,The Lord of Banff can also feel that he must separate most of his will to resist,The effect of this illusion field is too strong,Infiltrate his soul all the time,Affect his will。
Although the Lord of Banff is weaker,But the Lord of the universe who is really good at soul。His will is also the pinnacle level of the Lord of the Universe,In this illusion realm, I can barely keep from sinking.。
“This fantasy realm,It had such a huge impact on me!”
“Hands on~”Li Ming transmitted to Luo Feng。
“I am for the universe~”Luo Feng’s divine power burned fiercely,Massive divine power instilled into secret lines,An oval shape is formed within 10 billion kilometers‘Micro universe’,Chaos air flows in this miniature universe。
“What a great secret~”Li Ming couldn’t help but look high,have to say,This universe favors Luo Feng too much,Don’t say the power of this secret method,It’s too perfect in the operation of the law,Although the power is also the third-order secret law level,But if you eat thoroughly,It’s absolutely no problem to become the master of the fourth-order universe。
This secret method is simply to put a real miniature universe in front of you,Dissected and enlightened。
Luo Feng’s‘I am for the universe’Once cast,The Lord of Banff slowed down by 90%。
“Do not!”The Lord of Banff knows he can’t escape,Backhand spear bombardment,Delusion supported by attack。
All this looks very long,But Li Ming’s attack is only three breaths away.,The Lord of Earthquake has reflected。But he can also entangle the Lord of Chaos City and Lord of Dragon Walk,It’s impossible to get out to protect the workman。
unless,The Lord of Banff took the initiative to flee to him。