Ruthless Most Emperor’s Home,A Shi Nazi is very early to understand this truth.,From the day of marry,I know that she is with“Task”Coming。otherwise,If you only consolidate items with Zhou Guo,Is the wooden pole Khan directly married her to Yu Wenzhen??

Why have you marry her in Yu Wenxia??
This is clear that it is a sick and essay.,And provoke their brothers’ relationship。
One is the emperor,A can fight,Wooden pole sweats so,The purpose is already very obvious.。
A Shi Nati is sigh,It’s passed,She used you,She used to be pure,She once in her memory,Will go back to Turk,Back to the grassland and smoke。
“I will go back to the grassland soon.,How is it still sigh?。”
The door of the room is pushed open,Gao Boyi is in the same way as Zheng Minmin in gray cotton robe。Gao Baoyi handed a gift box,It seems to be a new year gift。
“See you alone,I have told you something。”
Gao Boyi puts gift box on the table,The side said to Zheng Minmin:“Waiting for me outside,Cold,Don’t stupid stand in the yard,Looking for a house to sit a sitting。”
Zheng Min gave him a glance,I have a ritual,Exit the room,Just put the door。
“How did the Greetor Chen have given me this order to give gifts??”
Now A Shina Jade,Has faded the original green,With noble and mature charm,It’s like a head horse that leads the wild horse.。
Gorgeous temperament,Do not lose men。
“Palace specialty tramper,Of course you want to leave a copy。In case you can’t open yourself one day.,Whether it is biting or hung,It’s more ugly.。”
Gao Biyi laughed meat,Proud to watch A Shiza。
“Gao Zhaoxiao said smiles。”
A Shizatuz opens a gift box,It is a altar wine and a few wine glasses.。
“This kind of trick,Don’t play again.。”
A Shi Yatu poured a cup,Just take it,Gao Biyi took a slap in the past,Take the wine glass on the ground。
I was scared here.。
“Really traminer?”
She thought that Gao Biyi just want to scare her.。
“You can find a dog to try,Don’t try it yourself。”
Gao Bao’s face does not have a joke。
“Greater host,What is you want to do?!”
A Shi Nats also noticed,This is the lamout used to give death ministers.!
“And me,Today, talk to you.。This is not worried that you can’t accept it.,So if you think death can solve the problem,So, you can also。”
See this,A Shi Yatuz has already put your heart.。
“What’s up,Greater governor may wish to speak。”
“Your father has already believed,Keicker can pick you up to the grassland。”
Gao Bao said sharply。
This gives A Shiza Tuz.,Already said good things,What are you selling here??When I gave it directly, I didn’t finish it.?
“Princess,And you,Probably no life,Anti-qi is used to reach out。”
Gao Bao stands up,Around the A Shi Nazhe,Slowly said:“Before,I just prove to you.,I can send you back to the tute,I have some channels and ability to send you back.。
This is equivalent to I hired a carriage.,Send you to where you want to go。”