“Yes,This knife didn’t pierce my stomach,You help me sew the intestines now!”

The beautiful female doctor said without angrily:“You think too much,If your bowels are broken,It’s not sutured in the debridement room now,It should be on the operating table。
Your wound is not more than one centimeter deep,How to pierce your intestines!”
“Really unstoppable?I shed so much blood!”
“Who told you that bleeding is a broken bowel!”
“Read more books and watch less nutritious series!”Female doctor a thread trimmer,“All right,Go to make up the admission procedures,Observe for a day!”
Chen Xiu looked down at his wound with a few stitches sealed,There are still some blood oozing out。
“Doctors,Still bleeding!”
The female doctor directly put a piece of gauze on the wound,Said indifferently:“Some capillary oozing blood is normal but,Just squeeze it for a while。
okay,To pay the hospital fee!”
“Doctors,You see i’m alone,Wounded again……”
“Those who enter the hospital are all patients!Don’t look poor,Have to pay for hospitalization!”
“I am not old!”Chen Xiu took out the bank card and ID card from his pocket and handed it over,“Could you please help me pay,Bank card password000000.”
The beautiful doctor suspiciously took over the bank card and ID card,Read the name of the ID。
“Chen Xiu?”