This is a big data analysis。

In addition, what is the tone of selling cute and expressions are a small road,Everyone will,Worthless。
Compare,Instead, the amount of red envelope issued is worth a analysis and calculation.——According to different people,How big is the big red envelope that can achieve interests to maximize?Which number is more unnecessary than the number compared to??Which number can guide the other party to reply more??
Simple calculation,She has sent two hundred red envelopes.,Years are more than 1,500,It’s ok。 Bunzi feels this is a win-win situation——
He is happy with her red envelope,She is also happy。
Her door lock sounded again。
Bunzi silently turned off the phone screen,Touching a staring at the door。
Soon the door sounds。
She still stares at the door。
After another, it is her mother’s voice.:“Hey, your sister actually turned off the door.!Call you to get up to have breakfast, I haven’t heard it.,Your second aunt is coming with you.,You still don’t hurry out.!”
Bunzi is not awkward,Until I heard my mother left from her door,She has a long call——
Hanging,It’s almost a point and was visited.。
But she is not going to sleep again.,Open Jingdong,I looked at the Zeiss portrait of my heart.。
Can’t afford it.!
Slightly silence,She put down her phone,Think about it,Stretch your hands and mess,Getting up, I think it may be comparable to the elders’ aesthetic clothes.,This will only open the door out。
Yancheng is more cold than Chuncheng。
Thick quilt is very warm,Zhou I feel that a fluffy thing is shrunk into a group of chests,This causes the temperature of the chest that seems to be higher than other places.。
Open the quilt,The group is close to the eyes sleep,She is fine,Bare and abdomen slowly from breathing。
He put his hand softly on the group,Soft and warm tactile feedback。After waiting for a while, the group has not awake yet.,He is bored, pick up the phone to play.,At the same time, a finger is unconsciously in the group.。
I don’t know when to,The group of his palms overlap the group moved。
Zhou Zhiyun quickly stopped the action of the finger,Immediately, the group stood up in his chest.,Squat,Slowly climbed to his belly and there is also the meaning of going down。
Fortunately, the group stopped the pace in time.,She is still,Slowly swallowed,Change the direction。
finally,A fluffy head extends from the chest。
“Are you awake?”Zhou Zhi。
“Woke up。”The group looked at him confused.,Toned,Not satisfied,“The group is waking up by you。”