Caring for minors, Fujian will build "six major protection" systems

Southeast Net November 17 (Fujian Daily reporter Panyuanyuan) multi-partial integration, to build a "six-in-one" protection new pattern for minors. The reporter learned that the issuance of the provincial minor protection committee issued a "implementation of the implementation of minors protection work", clearly proposes to build family protection, school protection, social protection, network protection, government protection and Judicial Protection of "Six Integral" New Era of Fujian Province of Junior Protection Work Pattern.

By 2025, the city and county (district) minors rescue agencies were fully covered, and township (street) minors protection workstation or minor protection work exclusive realization fully covered.

Parents are the first responsible person of the child.

In order to strengthen the family monitoring responsibility, "Implementation Opinions" clearly, fully implement the maternity holiday system and the relevant provisions of breastfeeding time, encourage conditions for the parenting fake pilot.

When all local governments are in charge of public rental housing, the local housing security conditions and those who have no adult children can be given care of the size of their minor children. Children are not private property, and the riot is not home private affairs. "Implementation opinions" clearly, the public security organs received reports or public security organs, the people’s procuratorate, and the people’s court found that no adult’s parents or other guardians in the process of handling the law or invaded the legitimate rights and interests of minors. Advocate and ordered them to accept household education guidance.

The guardians seriously damage the physical and mental health and legal rights and interests of minors, or the supervision of minors is in dangerous status, and supervise the prosecution according to law. In order to strengthen school protection, "Implementation Opinions" clearly, further improve the evaluation mechanism, incorporate students’ bullying prevention and control work in the scope of supervision and supervision, as an important part of education quality evaluation and work assessment.

Innovative school protection work mechanism, establish a school protection work assessment system, assessment results into school management level evaluation and principal evaluation assessment. Strictly implement the staff employee information system.

Please do not choose silence to see the minors. In order to increase social protection, "Implementation Opinions" clearly requires implementation of enforcement reporting system. Government agencies, villages (residential) civil committees, closely contact the units of minors, organizational and their staff should fulfill the compulsory report obligations of violations of minors, enhance identification, discovery, and reporting awareness and capabilities. Establish an enforcement, investigation, disposal and feedback system for enforcement report.

Organizations and individuals who have not fulfilled reporting obligations shall be punished according to law. In order to prevent the "Internet Addiction", "Implementation Opinions", improve the network protection work, purify the network environment of minors, protect the network space safety of minors, standardize online games, network live broadcast and network short video and other services Effective to curb minors network addiction, excessive consumption and other behaviors. Effectively controlling minors use online game time, time long, and does not provide game services for minors in any form.

Strictly regulate payment services to minors. In order to strengthen government protection functions, "Implementation Opinions" clearly, strengthen the construction of government supervision system mechanisms, and establish a sound and temporary monitoring system.

Establish a monitoring assessment system, implement the monitoring capacity assessment of the guardian in the civil affairs department and the termination of the supervisor and the termination of temporary monitoring conditions, and promoting the standardization of the monitoring assessment.

Improve the impact of the impact of emergencies and lack of minors’ rescue protection system measures. In terms of judicial protection, "Implementation Opinions" clearly handled the cases of sexual infringement or violent injury, and implemented "one-stop forensics" protection mechanism.

For sexual infringement of minors, public security, procuratorates actively communicate, asking the victims to synchronize recording record full coverage. Actively guide professional social workers to participate in relevant protection efforts.

At the same time, strengthen the construction of juvenile courts, further construct and improve the "large number of" instances "working mechanisms that have been integrated with the depth of minors and family trials. Deepen the comprehensive trial reform involving minor cases, and realize the full coverage of the Provincial Court Junior Tribunal.

The "Implementation Opinions" requires the promotion of the party committees and governments to include minor protection work into national economic and social development planning and work performance evaluation. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of minors protection work, and track guidance on the existing outstanding problems and the vicious cases of violations of minors, and register, listed, and laminated.