Then Chen Limu looked at the time,Said:“It is late,And me,I have to talk to Ke Yu,Let Xingkong finish the last day of work with you。”

“Ok,Thank you for your arrangement。”viviReplied respectfully。
First106chapter Kindness
Chen Limu has retired from the stage of business war since,To avoid suspicion,She does not easily appear in Sheng Blu-ray TV,Before,So now。
After she got home,Phoned Ke Yu,Ding Keyu did not answer。According to common sense,Ding Keyu will call back in his spare time。Chen Limu thinks,I should call her back later, right?。
The longer,When the phone does not respond,The more Chen Limu couldn’t bear it,Become a little anxious。
She’s a little worried,I feel less and less aware of this kid Ke Yu。
Let’s talk about Ding Keyu,Donated to Ye Xingkong shares from Chen Limu without authorization、Let Ye Xingkong attend the banquet,A lot of little things accumulate,Make him feel bad。Think Chen Limu didn’t respect him,It is inevitable to be grieved。
He will call Chen Limu back,Just don’t worry,Calling back after a while。he knows,When one person is waiting for the other’s call,The longer you wait, the more difficult it is,Will be a torment,Ding Keyu raised the corner of his right mouth slightly,Look evil,Is to let Chen Limu taste this uncomfortable taste。
When Chen Limu rubbed his feet and twisted his hands,Ding Keyu finally called。Chen Limu seemed to be pleased:“Very busy?Hard work, Ke Yu。”
Ding Keyu looks a bit dick,Turning his head,Squeeze out a few lukewarm tone:“Not hard,All for work。”
“Is it convenient for you to talk now?”Chen Limu became cautious at some point in front of Ding Keyu。
She faintly felt Ding Keyu’s attitude towards her,Reflect on how I treat him,Guess his mind,Probably the lack of communication with him in many places has created a gap.。
Want to go down,Chen Limu said:“I have something to discuss with you,Is it convenient for you to come back today?”
“I have a few more cases to discuss with the managers today,Won’t go back。”Ding Keyu replied lightly。
“that,I will talk to you face to face tomorrow?”Chen Limu retreated to a very low position。
“What’s the matter,You have to take a trip,Why not tell me directly。It’s about Ye Xingkong?”Ding Keyu asked。