Fortunately not many people pass by right now,Otherwise this scene is really embarrassing,Just when Xia Jianzheng was at a loss,A waitress came over,She said with a bad smile on her face:“Mr,The eighth floor is the guest room,Why don’t you let her go to bed and wake up?,She looks like this,It’s hard for you to get her back“

Xia Jian heard this,Like a person who fell into the water caught a straw,He said quickly:“Yeah!Could you please open me a standard room,Better conditions“
Xia Jian holds A Ju in one hand,A hand reached into the bag and fumbled for a while,Randomly took out a few banknotes and handed them over。The waitress counted her hands and said:“Room rate198yuan,200Yuan deposit,Collect you400yuan,Take these,I’ll open the room for you“
The waitress said,Hand over the extra money。Xia Jian received it,Can’t help but feel happy,The service industry in the South is developed,This service attitude is absolutely top-notch。What makes him secretly happy is,The waitress didn’t ask him for ID。
In a while,The waitress took the receipt and room card,And helped Xia Jian help Aju into the elevator,She smiled and walked away。This Aju is more than one hundred catties,Why is it so heavy when drunk?Xia Jian couldn’t easily get her in8102room,Put Aju on the bed,Xia Jian had a chance to catch his breath。
A Ju is so drunk and unconscious,She was lying on the bed,There was a slight snore。She is really tired,Last night anyway,Xia Jian has been sleeping,And Aju got up and drove several times in the middle。Xia Jian couldn’t help shook his head,So he got up and checked the house。
Everything is normal,The conditions are okay,Of course,inGZI want to stay in a higher-end hotel for 198 yuan,That’s really not up to。
Xia Jian locked the door,And then plug it again,Then I walked back safely。Looking at A Ju’s charming figure,Xia Jian really wanted to jump on it,When two people got together last night,Xia Jianzhong has a bad idea,But which is in public after all,Aju trusts him,Just squeeze him onto the same shop,For this bad idea,Xia Jian also scolded himself a few words secretly。
Just when Xia Jian stared straight at A Ju’s hot body,This woman twisted her waist,Speaking a vague dream。
She moves like this,Pushed the clothes together,The two balls of Yurun on her chest are a bit ready to come out,Xia Jian couldn’t help but cursed secretly,I operate your ancestor,Light can see,Still can’t move,Really terrible。
Xia Jianqiang suppressed which group in his heart**,I pulled the quilt off the bed,Covering Aju’s sexy body,Anyway, not seeing the heart but not rushing。
Turned off the light,Xia Jian fell asleep,But he tossed over and over,Just can’t sleep,It’s all because Aju on his other bed had bad ideas。
that’s it,I don’t know how many flips,Xia Jian slowly fell asleep。After all the bumps along the way,So he didn’t sleep well at all,So he slept very deep this time。
Until there is a quarrel in the aisle,So I woke him up,Xia Jian stood up,Only then did I realize that the sky was bright,The sunlight came in through the gaps in the curtains。
Xia Jian grabbed two of the clothes next to him and put them on,I didn’t forget to look on the bed next to me,He couldn’t help being surprised,The quilt on the bed rolled up into a ball,But there is no shadow of Aju。
Did you go to the bathroom?!Xia Jian happened to go over and take a look,Suddenly he saw a note pressed under his bag,He took it。
See it says:“What a coward,I’m not drunk at all。Meeting you shows me what a good man is,No more,Talking too much is painful,This is my phone number:13512364589,Waiting for your call anytime。tired,It hurts,Or need help,You have to find me。I already consider you a confidant,Aju。