After listening to Sun Yuejuan,Nodded and said:“Even so,When she goes up and down the stairs,Must be careful。We are old,The concept of thinking can’t keep up with your young people,But like you just said,We still have experience,As long as she listens to Ma Yan”

“Ok!She will listen,She doesn’t listen to you,Who else can you listen to,dont you agree?”
Xia Jian is playing haha,Just got up,Left the parents’ room。
When Xia Jian returns to his room,。Ma Yan is asleep,And the special fragrance of sleep。It is said that pregnant women doze a lot,Now it seems that this statement really makes sense。
Xia Jian covered Ma Yan with a quilt,And fell asleep gently beside her。
the next morning,Xia Jian got up early。He moved quickly to finish washing,Say hello to Ma Yan who is sleeping Zhengxiang,And left home quickly。When he goes,Parents who always wake up early never get up。
He went to Donglin Township yesterday,I feel that these projects developed by Dongsheng Group in Donglin Township,He can take it。But what to pick up?That needs a lot of money?
Things are imminent,Where can he sleep。Xia Jian drove out of Xiping Village in the morning light,After arriving in Pingdu,He ate something casually on the side of the road,Hurried to the office。
He turned on the computer first,Glanced at the mailbox。But the mailbox is empty,No mail。Xia Jian took out his phone again,He kept turning。In fact, as long as he has a phone call,I can still borrow a lot of money。But he doesn’t want to do this,He is afraid of other people’s favors。
Guan Tingna said she can ask her dad to borrow it,But Xia Jian did not agree。Because last time he was a fake son-in-law, he felt a little sorry for her father Guan Tingna,Anyway,He is the one who helped Guan Tingna lie to him。
Xia Jian flipped through the contacts on the phone,But flipping around,Just not sure。what should I do?If Guan Tingna and Dong Shengji negotiate successfully,,Where does the money come from?
Xia Jian is a little worried,He is as anxious as an ant on a hot pan,Walking around in the office in a hurry。Time goes by,But he just couldn’t think of a good solution。
quickly,Everyone at work is here。Bai Li saw that Xia Jian came so early,She was a little embarrassed and quickly made a cup of tea for Xia Jian and served it over。
When she was about to talk,Guan Tingna walked in quickly,She said nothing,Directly to Xia Jian:“Yesterday we talked with Dongsheng Group for a whole day,Basically talked about,If you have no opinion at this price,This contract can be signed”
Guan Tingna said,He put the contract he held on Xia Jian’s desk。Xia Jian picked up the contract and flipped through it,Then took a look at the price,He couldn’t help but said silently:“The price is very reasonable,You can take it down,It means you talked well。I sign this contract,Just this money…”
Xia Jian talked but stopped,He really doesn’t know what to say next。
Guan Tingna glanced at Bai Li and said:“You don’t need to worry about the money,I have solved”
Bai Li is a very smart woman,She looked at Guan Tingna’s expression,I know she can’t listen to some words,So she quickly left Xia Jian’s office。When she goes out,And closed the door tightly。
Bai Li is away,Xia Jian quickly asked Guan Tingna:“Did you borrow this money from your dad??”