Where is the appearance of the mouth?,It is the beast。

He just wants to be a good person in front of Xu Laifu.,I didn’t want to manage this at all.,Just inform the other party,But now he is some unknown.。
Xu Tianci, how can he stop??
And the few people tied to Xu Tianci he didn’t know.。
Looking at a few people want to carry Xu Tian give it,When he is a brain, he rushed up and shouted.:“Give me a copy。”
Liu Dafu shouted this, seeing the eyes of everyone in an instant look at him.。
Just thinking about Xu Laofu,He can only delay time.,As for the ability to delay to Xu Laifu,He is in his heart, it is not a bit.。
“You are the family of patients?”
Looking at Liu Dafu in front,A doctor took the lead directly out。
“Forehead,Correct,I am his family,I am my uncle.,Let me put it down.,Where are you going to bring him??”
Although I know that the few people seem to be with Xu Tianci to go to the bureau,But Liu Dafu is still so much in order to delay.,It is a minute to be delayed for a minute.。
“Oh,Since you are his family, please take him home.,Either we directly call him into the bureau,I have a old gentleman before I ask us several times.,We decided to leave him in hospital hospital observation.,But now obvious patients have reached a certain degree of addiction.,Our hospital is also unable to force,The best way is to send a drug rehabilitation office。”
Liu Dafu was a little punctual by the other party.,But he still heard of the drug rehabilitation.,Looking at Xu Tianci’s unmanned people,He suddenly felt himself holding the handle of the village head.。
Even a bigger idea in my mind。
“Do you have something wrong??
My nephew is just being interrupted.,How can I go to touch those bad things??”
In order to determine,Liu Dafu decided to first understand。
“hehe,How can we hit this kind of thing??
His medical record,There are the results of the test.,I have to take risks in humanitarianism.,And it’s still before the old gentleman almost begged me.,I only again,Three retreat,But now it’s obvious that patients have reached”“Anyway, I will tell you that he will definitely recurrence for five hours.,The next possible time will be shorter,For the safety of other patients in the hospital,We must also make the results。”
Liu Dafu clearly listened to what the other party still had to say that he did not say,But he is embarrassed to ask。
After all, he is just a uncle of Xu Tianci.。
“Hey-hey,That doctor,Can you help to help arrange a single room first?,We will pick up the people today.,Guaranteed not to add you。”
Looking at the people around you finger pointing,Liu Dafu is also a little unable to hang,But after all, he has already standed out.,At this time, you can’t take the opponent.。
“it is good,I will find someone to make a single room.,But this afternoon must go this afternoon.,And I suggest you talk to his straight family.,It is best to take the initiative to go to you.。”
Finish,This,The doctor took the lead directly led Liu Dafu to find a relatively remote single room.,Then put Xu Tiancheng to go in。
“Patient you have to see good,Don’t let go of the rope for the other party,Otherwise, the consequence of things is at your own risk.。”
The doctor said this and let Liu Dafu signed a guarantee.,Directly took a guarantee to go out。
At this time, Xu Tianci is obviously nothing to have.,But Xu Tianci’s nails were broken.,If you are not tied with a rope,Liu Dafu did not dare to follow each other in a single room.。
See the other side of the squatting,Liu Dafu once again took out the mobile phone and quickly called Xu Jiafu.,After all, this kind of thing is that he is also dealing with it.。
In case, Xu Tian gives an accident.,Hurt people,Then he is definitely responsible.。
Xu Laifu ride a motorcycle to a twelfth speed,Even him feel that there is a kind of thing to fly.。
It is good to have anything in the way.,When I am going to the county,He heard the ringtone of the phone.。
Looking for a road to stop,Quickly take out the phone,At first glance, Liu Dafu has given him seven missed calls.,He also hurriedly pick up the phone to connect。