It is also his hard work in this year.。

After school,They have to go to school.,Can only use holiday efforts to make money。
He must make your mother over good days.。 Blue Xin looks at the door of the bathroom,Happy laugh。
However, I really gave her a big surprise tonight.。
She turned to the kitchen to boil water。
This small apartment,She didn’t move in a few days.,Nothing in the refrigerator。
Blue Xin thought about it,There is a supermarket at the corner,There is still no closed door now,She is going to fell to buy some food.。
If she knows in advance, she is coming.,Will ready in advance。
Boiled water,It is also available from the bathroom.。
Blue Xin fell two glasses of water。
Put on the table,Take a hair dryer,Helifrate hair drying。
Of course hugging your mother,Enjoy the warmth of your mother to bring him。
Mother is not the same,Mom can help them in advance,Everything is very careful to care for the three people.。
Blue Xin blows his son’s hair,Turn off the hair dryer,Say:“All right,Ran Ran,Go to drink a little hot water,This will not catch a cold.。”
“good,mother!”Blue and sorrow smiles,White shello is very neat,Just blown hair,Some fluffy,More handsome,After bathing,His white skin is more pink。
NS54chapter:Muzi,How is it?

NS54chapter:Muzi,How is it?
Blue Xin looks at his son’s increasingly handsome little face。
Whenever this time,She is thinking,Their father should have a very handsome。
Three people in their brothers and sisters,Have an exact same,And like their father。
She actually regretted,I woke up at the time.,Should not panic,Men who takes yourself for the first time,She also wants to see what is long.。
Of course drink water,I saw my mother and lost my god.。
He smiled helplessly,Mom is lost from time to time,Let him have a little wonderful。
Mom did not fall in love,No boyfriend,Not like worried about life。
Then there is only one thing left.,That is thinking about their father.。
As for who Dad is,He and my brother are now in。
Bigger,They are bound to find some of their irresponsible dad.。
Of course put down the water cup,Go to the mother of the mother:“mother,Favorites to eat late night?Ok, I didn’t eat it tonight.。”He knows that mother just moved.,I haven’t eaten at home.。