2021 third quarter, Taizhou import and export total value innovation is high

  On October 27, the reporter learned from Taizhou Customs that Taizhou import and exports were handed over to a shiny "transcript" in the first three quarters of 2021: The total value of import and export is 100 million yuan, the year-on-year growth is new.

Among them, the export billion yuan, an increase of 36% year-on-year; imported billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate. Export growth rate is the second of Zhejiang Province.

  "There is such excellent results in the first three quarters of Taizhou Foreign Trade, inseparable from local stable foreign trade fundamentals. Private enterprises and general trade continue to play a steady foreign trade ‘crimping stone’." Taizhou Customs Statistical Analysis staff Wang Yuejuan said, the first three In the quarter, there were 706 people in private enterprises in import and export, accounting for% in the total number of imports and export enterprises in Taizhou. The import and export value accounted for 90% of the total foreign trade in the city, and the city’s foreign trade increased by 35%. Recently, the global economy and trade have a rebate, the international market demand has increased, which is extremely good for the Taizhou foreign trade market. In the first three quarters, Taizhou City Foreign Trade Import and Export Enterprises developed a diversified market, with 101 national import and exports increased by 40%. Data show that Taizhou has maintained growth in traditional trade markets such as the United States and the EU, an increase of more than 50% of emerging markets such as Latin America and ASEAN, accounting for a percentage point, accounting for a percentage point, a percentage point. "Taizhou exports to emerging markets as a whole." Wang Yuejuan analyzed the characteristics of the foreign trade situation in Taizhou City, the first three quarters, the export of emerging markets is better, with a total of%,%, higher than Taizhou City export growth percentage points, percentage point.

  In addition, electromechanical and labor-intensive products have become the main category of goods in Taizhou exports.

In the first three quarters, Taizhou City has been exported to billion yuan, accounting for% of the total export value of the city, in which auto parts, automobiles (including chassis) increased by volume, 48%, respectively; labor-intensive products export billion yuan, which increased, of which Plastics, furniture and parts, footwear are major export goods, accounting for the total export specific gravity of labor-intensive products. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.